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Thomas S

Math, Science Tutor

University of Toronto

Majors: Chemistry, Biology

About Me



I am a strong advocate of learning through sheer practice and determination. Memorization is, in my opinion, a huge flaw in many student’s study patterns as it does not lead to proper learning and causes the material to be forgotten after a test. Rigorously forcing your brain to go over the material and trying to develop easier to understand concepts are the best way to learn.


I went to Iona Catholic Secondary school in Mississauga, and was on the honour roll for all four years. I attended the University of Toronto from 2009-2013 and obtained my Honors Bachelor of Science Degree. I am currently enrolled at Ryerson University in the process of obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.


I have experience tutoring students at various grade levels.


I tutored while I was in highschool, I enjoy reading, I am a strong fitness enthusiast and regular gym attendee, I was part of the U of T computer club, and I am currently running a student lawn mowing business as a personal entrepreneurial project.