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Antioch, TN

Wayne State UniversityGeography (Social Studies)
“I firmly believe that all students can learn regardless of the differences in the way students learn.”

Belvidere, TN

Jonathan F. – Math/Science Tutor – Belvidere, TN
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteMechanical Engineer
“My educational philosophy is to meet students where they are and help lift them to where they want to go.”

Chattanooga, TN

Andrew N. – English Tutor – Chattanooga, TN
University of Tennessee at ChattanoogaEnglish
“I believe in collaborating with my students to help them reach their own discoveries and advances without telling them what their discoveries and advances should be.”
Lauren G. – Math/Science/ACT/SAT Tutor – Chattanooga, TN
University of TennesseeSecondary Educatoin
“I believe students need to form an understanding of material by understanding the concepts fundamentally and then relating the subject to personal experiences, or giving a strong structural basis to build further understanding.”

Clarksville, TN

Univeristy of DelawareElementary Education, Special Education
“I believe that all students are capable of learning.”
Ingrid J. – Math/English Tutor – Clarksville, TN
Tennessee State UniversityChild Studies
“As opposed to providing answers, education should bring out the individual’s natural ability to question, deduct, reason and learn.”
California State University, San BernardinoEnglish
“I believe students learn best when they have to work to find the answer, not by giving it to them.”

Collierville, TN

Christian Brothers UniversityEnglish
“My goal is to help students organize their thoughts and express themselves clearly in writing.”
University of MemphisPhilosophy; English Literature
“I believe all students are capable of success. Sometimes it just takes some hands on help and boundless encouragement mixed with experienced empathy and guidance to get them there.”
Sarah B. – Math Tutor – Collierville, TN
The University of Tennessee at MartinEducation, Middle School Mathematics
“It is important for the child to develop intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally.”

Cordova, TN

Ashley P. – English Tutor – Cordova, TN
Jackson State UniversityB.S. Special Education
“My philosophy of education is very simple; ALL students can achieve.”
Katrica H. – Math/English/ACT Tutor – Cordova, TN
University of MemphisEconomics
“I believe that every child given the appropriate resources, encouragement and patience will attain an echelon of success far beyond their own expectations.”

Hermitage, TN

Bettina P. – English Tutor – Hermitage, TN
University of AlabamaEnglish
“Education is the equalizing force in society; it is a requirement for democracy.”
Jessica J. – Science/English Tutor – Hermitage, TN
Tennessee Tech UniversityElementary Education
“To me, teaching is changing lives and educating future generations to try and make the world a better place.”

Johnson City, TN

East Tennessee State UniversityHistory, Education
“I believe that a well-rounded education is the key to cultivating our youth to becoming the leaders of their communities.”

Knoxville, TN

Becky A. – Science Tutor – Knoxville, TN
Clemson UniversityMicrobiology
“I want to help students understand concepts by first introducing the “big picture”.”

Lebanon, TN

Cumberland UniversityM.A. in Education
“I listen carefully to the individual student and engage and closely monitor their daily assignments.”

Lexington, TN

Summer B. – English/ACT Tutor – Lexington, TN
University of TennesseeSecondary English Education
“Every child can learn but not every child learns the same way.”

Louisville, TN

Aaron B. – Math/Science Tutor – Louisville, TN
Cleveland State UniversityElectrical Engineering
“I believe that most people are capable of learning any subject of interest as long as the information is presented at the proper pace and in a way that is familiar and doesn’t skip steps.”

Maryville, TN

Saint Joseph’s UniversityEducation
“As an English instructor, my goal is to encourage students to find joy in reading.”

Memphis, TN

Christopher E. – English Tutor – Memphis, TN
Tennessee State UniversityEnglish
“I have the simple philosophy that all students can learn.”
Ensa M. – Science Tutor – Memphis, TN
Tuskegee UniversityAnimal Science
“I teach with the student’s learning abilities in mind.”
University of MemphisEarly Childhood Education and Development
“I believe every child can learn but not all children learn the same way.”
Yanira C. – English/Languages Tutor – Memphis, TN
Ashford UniversityTeaching and Learning with Technology
“Education is what we all need to be successful in life.”

Morristown, TN

Janette A. – English Tutor – Morristown, TN
East Tennessee State UniversityBusiness Administration
“Students need to be taught how to reason out answers to questions in the classroom and in life.”