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Troy G

Math, Science, English, ACT Tutor

University of Waterloo

Majors: Physics

Minors: Quantum Theory

About Me



School can be stressful enough without additional work. I find that students are most responsive when in a warm, nurturing environment where mistakes are not only tolerated, but welcomed as opportunities for growth and understanding.

In session, we work through examples and concepts, and gradually increase the difficulty until the student not only understands the material, but can exceed course expectations. By tying in an appropriate amount of time for questions, solution discussions, tips and strategies, as well as the occasional break, I am able to maximize a student’s proficiency.


I studied Honours Physics with a minor in Quantum Theory at the University of Waterloo. Since then, I have striven to share my knowledge and love for academics with students all over North America through workshops and various forms of tutoring.


There is one thing I’ve always known about myself: I love to help people. Even since I was in elementary school, I’ve always took satisfaction in being able to provide aid to my peers with their homework or even teachers with setting up activities. Now that I’m out of school, I find myself drawn back to those days of helping my fellow students with their difficulties and to excel beyond their expectations.


Although I thoroughly enjoy aiding students, it is not my only interest. I also enjoy biking, playing sports, video games, and just spending time with friends and family. Overall, I’m an easy going person who just loves teaching.
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