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Walton P

Math Tutor

Howard University

Majors: Psychology

Minors: Education

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: New York

About Me



It is my firm belief that each child is a uniquely special individual endowed with special gifts, talents and abilities. In order to develop them to their fullest he/she needs a secure and caring environment which allows growth and maturity emotionally, intellectually, physically,morally and socially.

As an educator, I will work efficiently and effectively to help students meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing a safe environment conducive to safe, risk-taking, and facilitates the sharing of ideas. I shall also use every opportunities to improve my craft in the interest of my students.


I completed my Secondary and Teaching training programs in Barbados. After which I completed a professional degree in education from the College of Preceptors, Essex England. My Bachelors and Masters were completed at Howard and Andrews Universities respectively. Both of these are U.S. universities. I also completed a certificate program in the teaching of Middle School Math from City College, New York.


I have been teaching for over 44 years. The first 32 were in Barbados at the Secondary level. The final twelve were completed at an elementary school in New York. I taught Math, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Biblical Studies and Social Studies.


I have been involved in the athletics program at two schools. I also volunteered to do breakfast and late dismissal duty. At my church I was involved in the Math tutoring program, as well as the youth and junior ministries.