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Math Review of Problem Solving with Systems of Equations

Overview Systems of two equations with two variables can also be used to solve problems.  In order to solve the problem, it can be translated to a system of equations.  Once the problem is understood, students can make a plan, find the answer, and check to make sure it is correct. Understand the Problem In […]

Math Review of Solving Systems by Addition

Overview Besides solving systems of equations by graphing and substitution, systems of equations can also be solved by addition.  Math students can choose the best method for the problem at hand.  Sometimes this process is called “solving systems of equations by elimination”. Using Addition Although some systems of equations can be solved by substitution, other […]

Math Review of Solving Systems by Substitution

Overview One of the ways to solve systems of equations is by graphing the equations.  However, graphing the equations is not always the most accurate method to solve them.  If one variable in a system is represented in terms of the other variable in the system, the systems can be solved by substitution. Using Substitution […]

Math and Physics Review of Curling and Bobsled

Overview Curling and bobsled are winter sports that rely on friction against an icy track or surface. In curling, a special stone is moved by a combination of momentum and friction against a sheet of ice. Team players use a variety of strategies to determine which of their stones will score the highest. In bobsledding […]

Math Review of Representing Solid Figures

Overview Three-dimensional solid figures can be represented by the two-dimensional pattern of polygons that create them. The pattern, called a net, is a visual representation that illustrates the formula for the surface area of the three-dimensional figure. If the net were folded, it would produce that figure. Representation of Cylinders The net for a cylinder […]

Math Review of Graphing Systems of Equations

Overview One of the ways to solve systems of equations is by graphing the equations on the same coordinate plane.  By graphing the equations, it is possible to tell whether they have no solutions in common, one solution in common, or an infinite number of solutions in common. No Solutions in Common These linear equations […]

Math Review of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Overview Parallel lines never intersect when they are graphed on the same plane, while perpendicular lines are lines that intersect at one point at right angles to each other.  Their linear equations have special relationships. Parallel Lines Parallel lines are lines in the same plane that have no points in common.  Suppose that one line […]