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Formulae and Equations

Properties of Probability

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Overview: Probability is the measure of the likelihood of an event.  The basic mathematics of probability theory started with games of chance, but it can be applied to many situations, from weather forecasting to politics.  Probabilities range from 0 (no likelihood) to 1 (certainty), and are expressed as rational numbers. What Is the Sample Space?…

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Math Review of Random Numbers

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Overview:  What Are Random Numbers? In a set of random numbers, the numbers do not follow any pattern.  Each number has an equal probability of occurring, and each number event is independent of any others .  Most of the time, numbers that are close to random are generated by computer programs or calculator programs designed…

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Stoichiometry: Dealing with Excess and Limiting Reactants

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Overview: In many chemical reactions there is an excess reactant a limiting reactant. The amount of product produced is determined by the stoichiometric calculations using the amount of limiting reactant present in the reaction. This means that not all of the excess reactant is used up during the reaction since there is no more of…

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How to Calculate Work Done by a Force

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Work is the energy applied to an object as it moves some distance. The amount of work done is directly proportional to the magnitude of force applied, as well as the displacement of the object. In some cases, there may be an angle between the direction of displacement and force vector. The force must be…

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Dimensional Analysis

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Dimensional Analysis can be very useful when you come across a situation where you forget a formula that applies to certain values. This method is also proven to be beneficial when converting between units within a problem. For example, you are asked to find the time it took for a car to travel 200 meters…

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From Standard to Vertex and Back!

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Parabolic equations can be some of the trickiest types of equations out there. One of the most common problems students have when dealing with parabolas is when it is given in a form they don’t recognize. If you can’t understand the equation, you can’t use it properly. The two forms I will discuss are known…

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