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Study Strategies

Editing an Essay

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The process of writing an essay can be excruciatingly painful. Many have an overwhelming instinct to flee when the first draft is finally complete, which results in them forgoing the editing process altogether. Skipping this essential step will cause your overall grade to plummet. Since you have already completed the most difficult part, why not…

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Working with Log

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English Review of Types of Text

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Overview Students read and study different types of text, including expository text, persuasive text, expressive text, and literary text. Different types of text have different purposes, and understanding the author’s purpose in writing helps in active reading. Expository Text Most of the textbooks and reference books students are required to read are expository text, written…

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English Review of Building Vocabulary

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Overview It is very important to have a good vocabulary in order to do the amount and type of reading required in high school and college. Some strategies for building vocabulary include understanding root words, focusing on specialized vocabulary, and using a variety of reading skills to determine meaning. Vocabulary The English language is a…

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