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Taking College Courses in High School

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If you’re planning on going to college after graduating high school, you may want to consider getting started early. Many schools allow students to take advanced placement courses for college credits. While these classes will certainly be more challenging, and possibly more time-consuming, than your regular classes, there are also some benefits to taking them.…

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Retaking the SAT: Is it a Good Idea?

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Writing the SAT Writing the SAT is difficult and stressful, so it is no surprise that many students find that the pressure of writing the exam and the challenging questions lead to a disappointing result. Luckily, the College Board, the organization responsible for running the SAT, allows students to retake the test. Many colleges also…

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How to Prepare for SAT Testing

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The SAT is a standardized test designed for college admission in the United States. Taking the SAT (or ACT) is required for freshman entry to many universities in the United States. A student’s performance on the SAT is crucial to admission and scholarship decisions. Preparing for the SAT is an important factor in how well…

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