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SAT Review of Multiple-Choice Questions

Overview The SAT consists mostly of multiple-choice questions, except for the essay and some mathematics questions that require an answer grid. Each multiple-choice question has 5 alternative answers. Four of them are distractors, and one alternative is the correct answer. Following Directions It is very important to follow directions exactly when taking the SAT or […]

Review of Setting Goals for the SAT

Overview One of the ways to guide preparation for the SAT is for students to set goals for their performance. Goals should be SMART; specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. They can be set with help from teachers and tutors to bolster problem areas and support strengths. Specific Goals Guided by Practice Most students have years […]

SAT Review of Improving Paragraphs

Overview The Improving Paragraphs subtest of the SAT Writing Test allows students to demonstrate editing and revision skills on a larger scale than the Improving Sentences section. They are required to read portions of a rough draft of an essay and make judgments about word usage and organization. Questions are multiple-choice in this section. Methods […]

SAT Review of Improving Sentences

Overview The Improving Sentences subtest of the SAT Writing test looks very similar to the Identifying Sentence Errors subtest. Students are expected to focus upon one phrase within a target sentence and follow directions to choose the same phrase or among four different alternatives. The goal is to produce a sentence that is clear, concise, […]

SAT Review of Characteristics of Effective Writing

Overview The SAT tests writing skills for prospective college students with sentence-based and paragraph-based multiple-choice questions, as well as an essay on demand. Some of the characteristics of effective writing include consistency, logical expression of ideas, clarity and precision, and appropriate use of conventions. Since students must be able to recognize errors in their own […]