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Deciphering Meaning from Reading Passages on the SAT and ACT

Overview Questions about longer reading passages on the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests tap students’ abilities to find and use meaning from what they read.  These skills are important to college success, as students are expected to read and understand textbooks in unfamiliar subjects.  Students are expected to extract the main ideas from what […]

Proofreading for Parallel Structure on the SAT and ACT

Overview:  What Is Parallel Structure? Parallel structure in writing is a refinement technique in which verbs, subjects, and clauses are made similar.  It is tested on the ACT and SAT in grammar questions, as it is a feature that adds impact to writing.  Often, phrases that mean the same may not be parallel. Checklist:  Are […]

Recognizing Appropriate Sentence Construction in Reading Passages

Overview:  Why Sentence Construction? Some test questions in the English/grammar portion of the SAT, ACT, and other tests ask students to read a passage and find the best way to rewrite it, whether by combining sentences or correcting sentence fragments.  The reason questions like this are asked is to test students’ ability to apply their […]

SAT and ACT Reading Comprehension: Using Sentence Context to Identify Meaning

Overview:  Sentence Context Adds Power Skilled readers use the powerful tool of sentence context to approximate the meaning of unfamiliar words, when the meaning is not apparent from prefixes, roots, and suffixes.  It is a largely unconscious process, and can help students taking the SAT, ACT, or other tests choose the correct answer from alternatives.  […]