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Proofreading for Parallel Structure on the SAT and ACT

Overview:  What Is Parallel Structure? Parallel structure in writing is a refinement technique in which verbs, subjects, and clauses are made similar.  It is tested on the ACT and SAT in grammar questions, as it is a feature that adds impact to writing.  Often, phrases that mean the same may not be parallel. Checklist:  Are […]

Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

Overview: Sir Isaac Newton is well-known for his work on creating the three laws of motion based on the theories of previous scientists as well as his own speculations. These 3 simple, intuitive laws lay the foundation for the basics of classical, Newtonian mechanics. The following are Newton’s three laws in more detail: 1. Newton’s First […]

Who’s Afraid of the Normal Curve?

Overview:  What Is the Normal Curve? The normal curve is a frequency distribution with special statistical properties.  The best-known application of the normal curve is the distribution of intelligence as measured by tests such as the Stanford-Binet, but there are other examples  that are close to the normal curve in human and animal behavior.  Biologists, […]

Diffusion, Osmosis and Osmotic Pressure

Diffusion is the net movement of molecules because of a difference in the chemical potential or concentration between two regions. Molecules move faster when the difference/gradient is larger. Molecules tend to move to the region where their chemical potential or concentration is lower.   Osmosis is the diffusion/movement of water through a cell membrane. Since […]