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SchoolTutoring Academy's study skills tutoring workshops are highly customized which allows us to address specific weaknesses and skills-gaps in a student's understanding of core concepts.

Study Skills Tutoring

Study Skills Workshop Sessions Integrated Within All Tutoring Programs

When a student takes any SchoolTutoring Academy tutoring program, we include study skills building and time management programs to help them study more effectively and efficiently – all at no extra charge. These include workshops on improving organizational skills, reading comprehension and proven memorizing techniques, as well as successful time management, stress management and test-taking strategies.

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Strategy Workshops When Students Need It Most

Students can choose any of the sessions from our Study Skills tutoring workshops to be reviewed and repeated at any time during the course of a tutoring program. For example, students may choose to have a quick workshop session on test-taking and stress management strategies to keep these successful strategies fresh in their minds before taking their mid-term or final exams.

Whether it’s a 10 minute test-taking strategies session or an hour-long reading comprehension workshop, our Study Skills tutors can integrate our sessions within the tutoring program to provide a more comprehensive learning experience. Find out more about the subjects we offer:

Individualized Study Skills Tutoring for Each Student

Unlike Study Skills tutoring conducted at tutoring centers, our workshops are presented one-on-one to the student. This allows us to tailor the workshop sessions to meet a student’s individual needs. For example, our tutor could focus on areas that a student tends to have problems with by teaching them proven strategies to bring about successful outcomes.

Available Study Skills Workshops

Here is just a short list of the Study Skills tutoring we offer our students. Keep in mind that all our tutoring programs include these workshops – at no extra charge.

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Memorizing Techniques
  • Organizational Strategies and Techniques
  • Test-Taking Strategies
  • Note-Taking Techniques
  • Long-Term Academic Goals
  • Planning
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Meet Some of Our Study Skills Tutors

Western Governors UniversitySecondary Education Social Science
“It is my goal and passion to bring a hands-on curriculum to Social Studies even through a digital medium.”
Samford UniversityEducational Leadership
“I choose to be a “leader of leaders.” Believing that all students desire to learn, it is my responsibility to supply them with the tools to do so successfully.”
Wright State UniversityEducational Leadership/Curriculum
“I believe in the power of quality instruction.”
University of ReginaJustice Studies
“In my personal and professional life, I have always had one guiding principle: be willing and have the ability to teach and learn.”
University of South CarolinaMusic & Education
“I believe that every student is unique and deserves a fair chance to learn.”
CSU Fresno, Brandman University & University of PhoenizKinesiology, Educaiton & Special Education
“Taking the time to help a student figure out how they best learn not only helps them while they are in school, but teaches them the skills they will need in order to be successful in their work environment and in life as well.”

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