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SchoolTutoring Academy offers programs in reading, writing, math and science that are specially designed for young learners. Our programs have been built around successful strategies advocated by professionally trained educators of young children.

Tutoring Programs for Young Learners

Interactive Lessons to Keep Younger Students Engaged

SchoolTutoring Academy’s Young Learner programs use highly interactive lessons to keep children engaged and motivated. Young children often learn through play. Our lessons, therefore, incorporate stimulating math games and puzzles, problem-solving, pattern-matching, reading and sentence building exercises, and creative activities that develop their natural curiosities and help build core skills in math, science and English.

Tutors Who Are Specially Trained to Teach Younger Students

SchoolTutoring Academy’s Young Learner programs employ highly trained educators who work exclusively with young learners. All certified SchoolTutoring Academy tutors are college-trained, many at the graduate-level, with extensive teaching experience. Through continuing technical and professional training, our tutors keep up to date with the latest tools and practices.

Personalized Programs to Suit Each Child’s Needs

SchoolTutoring Academy provides personalized instruction to students anytime, 7 days a week. Our tutors will work with each student at his/her own pace, providing continual encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Safe Learning in a Secure Environment

SchoolTutoring Academy rigorously screens its tutors through background checks and verification of credentials. We regularly review sessions to ensure the highest quality of tutoring for your child.

Parents Can Stay Informed and Be Involved

An integral part of all SchoolTutoring Academy programs is parental involvement. Parents receive regular, detailed reports on their child’s progress and can stay involved in the program.