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SchoolTutoring Academy offers personalized math tutoring programs to help students build their math foundation and gain confidence in their abilities.

Math for Young Learners

Individualized Math Programs

We like to think of Math as more than a bunch of rules and formulae to be memorized and plugged into. Math relates to things we see, hear and do every day in the real world.

Our Approach Builds Confidence

At SchoolTutoring Academy, we find that when students understand how math applies in their lives, they learn to appreciate and often begin to enjoy thinking through problems, looking for patterns, recognizing connections and reasoning logically to come up with solutions. Our tutors will expertly guide students through the process so that students gain confidence in being able to tackle similar problems on their own.

Curriculum Aligned to District Standards

Our Math tutoring curriculum is closely aligned with the Principles and Standards for School Math developed by the National Council of Teachers of Math. SchoolTutoring Academy tutors have extensive teaching experience across all areas of the Math curricula.

Key Topics:

  • Adding and Subtracting
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Problem Solving
  • Word Problems
  • Geometric Shapes