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Christy M

Math, Science, English, ACT Tutor

Simon Fraser Univeristy

Majors: Psychology

Other Certificates: Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification; Teaching Certification: British Columbia

About Me



Education has part to do with the person learning, and a whole lot to do with the person teaching. In the past our system tailored specifically to a few, and if a student didn’t learn the way that it was taught, they didn’t succeed. We now know that if we learn who are students are, and are able to explain and teach things in ways that they learn best, everyone can succeed. I have seen so many succeed that most had already written off, that I cannot believe otherwise.


I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Psychology at Simon Fraser University. I have been working with children since I was young myself. I have a psychology background but have spent 7 years in and out of schools and working one-on-one with children of all ages, abilities and needs.


Currently I am working in the Vancouver School Board, on-call as Education Assistance. I work daily in classrooms with children in any school grade, dependent on the day. From September to December I worked in an Elementary/Middle School and now I am in High School until next November, helping students in all different courses, to succeed.


I love to oil paint, large abstract paintings. I love to write and blog, surf, run, snowboard and go to the gym. I have an awesome Christian church that I am apart of here in Vancouver and I am very family focused.