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Frances E

Math, Science, English, Languages Tutor

University of California: Irvine

Majors: Theater

Minors: Dance, Math

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: California

About Me



If students are engaged, they will learn. Students need to have a reason to master the content and once they have one, whatever reason that may be they will learn. A lot of math students have holes in their learning that cripple them from mastering higher math and once those are found and taught the students can soar. Finally, when math is presented in a way that shows the connections from one math strand to another and to real life, students have much more success in solving math problems than if they are just taught algorithms.


I have a BA in Theater from UCI and did a 5th year to earn my credential at Cal State Long Beach. I also have my CLAD credential from there. I took many math classes at OCC to add my math supplement on.


I was a home/hospital teacher for 6 years and gained a lot of one-on-one tutoring experience doing that. I have been in the regular classroom teaching middle school math for 9 years and high school math for 7 years. I have taught Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Trig, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus, as well as lower math. I also taught some Shakespearean acting classes at the middle school level.


I have taught theater classes and ran the drama club at the schools I worked for. I have done after school tutoring for students who need extra help to pass state exams. I have led in services at my school site in best practices for middle school math. I have pioneered double block Algebra classes and led inservices on how to make them successful.


I received a Praxis Score of 676 and was in the 99th percentile in my SAT.