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Hassan S

Math, Science, English, Social Studies Tutor

University of Ottawa

Majors: Biochemistry (Honours)

Minors: Religious Studies

Other Certificates: B.S., Computer Science

About Me



I believe that education should be fun. What you are studying should excite you to some extent. If it isn’t exciting you then you may be studying the wrong material.


I have a degree in Biochemistry with a minor in Religious Studies from the University of Ottawa. During my time as a University of Ottawa student I studied basic physics, chemistry, organic chemistry and biology. I also studied cell biology, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, proteins, and several other more specialized biochemistry courses. With my Religious studies minor I was able to develop my writing skills by writing several papers on religions and religious practices. I was able to write papers from an analytic stand point using hermeneutics, and to summarize other people’s papers.

I am currently studying Computer Science at the Carleton University. So far I have covered Java programming, C programming, C++ programming and web development.


I have extensive experience tutoring students throughout university.


I currently attending programming groups (primarily for web development) to improve my skills as a programmer. I’m also physically active and love to play a variety of sports including soccer, and basketball.