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Jason W

Math, English, ACT, SAT Tutor

University of Maryland

Majors: Journalism

Other Certificates: California Single Subject Teaching Certificate for English

About Me



I believe that, given a positive learning environment with the right motivation, encouragement and engagement, all students can learn. I approach learning with a growth mindset, with the idea that students have not already reached their highest potential, but that with practice and challenges, students can always reach a higher level of learning.

I also believe that learning should be fun and rewarding, for both the teacher and the students. Finally, I believe that there is no greater joy for me as a teacher than to see one of my students finally master a difficult concept or overcome a learning obstacle, and then turn to me and ask, “So what’s next?”


I graduated from the University of Maryland as a Journalism major. During the summer of my Junior year, I participated in a program called the National Summer of Service, a precursor to the Americorps program. During that time, I had the opportunity to work as an assistant teacher in a summer school class, which in turn inspired me to pursue a career as a teacher.


I have quite a wide range of teaching experiences. I have taught high school English (including AP English Literature and Composition) for nine years. I also taught a middle school math class for a year. I have spent seven years teaching 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes.


I have been a coach for quite a few years. At the high school level, I have been an assistant and head coach for Varsity soccer and lacrosse teams. At the middle school level, I have been an assistant and head coach for lacrosse, soccer, flag football and basketball teams.