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Nicole D

Math, Science, English, ACT Tutor

University of Waterloo

Majors: Honours Kinesiology

Minors: Human Nutrition

About Me



I believe that learning should be as interesting as possible for both students and teachers. When students get to learn something “cool” that is related even tangentially to the topic they are studying, they are much more inclined to study that area than they would have before.

Nothing is more rewarding than to see a student get excited about their subject. The intricacies of the universe as taught through Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology are astounding, and no student should be denied the knowledge of how the world around them works.


In 2013, I received my BSc in Kinesiology with a minor in Nutrition. I dabbled in all the sciences, but focused extensively on the physiologies of healthy, diseased, and exercising bodies.


Before SchoolTutoring Academy, I volunteered with my University to tutor younger Kinesiology students in their first year subjects. I also tutored other students while I was in high school.


Nothing is more wonderful than curling up on the couch for a few hours with a blanket and a good book, especially if it’s a fantasy novel! Additionally, I love puzzles, board games, and Dungeons and Dragons.