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Allison R

Science, English, Languages, Elementary Education Tutor

University of New Brunswick

Majors: Kinesiology

Other Certificates: Doctorate in Chiropractic

About Me



All students work at a different pace. It is the job of the instructor to ensure that each student is given the attention they deserve. Everyone has the capacity to learn if given the proper tools, and I strive to help students in any way I can.


I am a recent dean’s list graduate of the New York Chiropractic College, where I earned my doctorate in chiropractic. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick. I graduated high school with honours with distinction in 2008.


I started tutoring my peers in the 7th grade (social studies and french) and tutored a 6th grade student in math while I was in high school. I continued tutoring my peers during grad school. I also worked as a nanny and tutor for a 4th grade and 7th grade students.


I love to write. I had my first short story published when I was 15 and my first novel published when I was 18. I continue to write today and hope that I will get another book published in the future.
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