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Ally P

English, Languages, ACT Tutor

York University

Majors: Theater Studies

About Me



I am a firm believer that every one is capable of the same amazing things, but may simply need to get there through a different path. Each child learns in their own way, and my goal is to be able to inspire a child to grow from that belief. I grew up with high marks throughout all of my time in school, but no passion for what I was learning until I realized that art was my way of learning. Once I realized that I need to be hands on, and to always know “why?”, I became passionate about my school work and have since decided that I want to help others find what makes them passionate!


I grew up going to a very small french school in New-Brunswick Canada, where I graduated in 2010. From there, I began studying English for educational purposes in Nova-Scotia. After my first year, I moved to Belgium in order to take European French courses to perfect my French. Following that semester, I began my Undergraduate degree at Glendon – York University in theater studies, something I had been involved in since the age of 9. I will be graduating from that program this year and am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned!


I was very lucky to have been a nanny for multiple years and in that time, I encountered one child who had been deemed as as “difficult child”. I was unhappy with that term, because I do not believe in children being “difficult” when it comes to education, I simply believe that they need to find what lights a fire in them. I was lucky enough to spend time with this little boy and talk about what he liked, what his passions were. I spent time with him, letting him know that I was there for him and never once got angry with him, even when he would have tantrums. Within weeks, this “difficult child” was excelling in school, joining extra curricular activities and a generally happier child.


I have done music as well as theater for years. I have been very passionate about these hobbies from a very young age. During my final year at university, I finished my very first music album, which has been sold online for the past few weeks. My passion for my extra curricular activities taught me to appreciate learning through different senses and experiences.