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Ashley M

Science, English, ACT, Social Studies Tutor

University of New Brunswick

Majors: English, Secondary Education

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: New Brunswick

About Me



I believe that every student has their own way of viewing the world. Each and every way is correct, however, it can make it difficult for some individuals to learn in the same way as all of their classmates. That is why one-on-one guidance can be much more beneficial to a student’s learning; one-on-one learning allows for more accommodation to the individual’s learning style. An individual’s learning style can be determined through questionnaires, pre-tests or simply having a discussion to get to know them.


I went to the University of New Brunswick for five years and obtained two degrees. I got a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in English and a second teachable subject of Biology (Science). I then continued on to get my Education Degree, where I majored in Secondary Education (English & Science). My full year teaching practicum was at a local high school, where I taught in a Science classroom (Grade 10 science, Grade 11 Biology).


One memorable experience from my teaching practicum was when I was doing review with my grade 10 science class, for the Chemistry Unit test. We were playing interactive review games on the SmartBoard, getting everyone involved. It was going great and one of my students stopped in the middle of it and said “I like how you do review, you make it fun.” It made me realize that I was accomplishing my goal. I was not only teaching students, but also allowing them to have fun at the same time, which made them want to learn and do well.


In school, I was never great at sports, other than when I really got into volleyball for a few years and had a lot of fun. Now, I like to spend my spare time camping, hiking and traveling. I think you can learn a lot by seeing different things than you are used to.