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Jeremy T

Math, Science, English, Languages Tutor

University of Califonia – Davis

Majors: Psychology

About Me



I have always felt that deep, lasting learning occurs when students are able to work through interesting projects and problems themselves, but with appropriate guidance.

A tutor cannot simply give the answers, or tell a student how to solve a problem, but must be ready to meet the student where they are and lead them with small questions and corrections until they have a complete picture of the topic. Therefore, my tutoring style consists of listening to the student work through what they already know while prompting them to consider different aspects of the topic until their understanding is complete.


I was fortunate enough to be homeschooled by my parents, an aerospace engineer and a nurse, leading up to college. Having parents strongly invested in professional fields sparked a lifelong interests in learning and sciences.
At age seventeen, I started at San Joaquin Delta Community College to help transition into a traditional learning environment and prepare for higher learning. It was here that I discovered my love for teaching, and inspired me to focus on the knowledge I would need to understand a wide range of topics.

I am proud of my well-rounded education at University of California Davis, where I obtained a B.S. in Psychology, and believe it proves me ability to teach all levels of students.


I have three years of experience as a reading/writing tutor for college level work. In addition, I have worked for one year as an after-school teacher. I also have done private tutoring of and on throughout my adult life. These experiences have left me ready to tutor many subjects to a wide range of students and education styles.


Besides teaching, I feel a great responsibility to help people in my community. While at U.C. Davis, I became a student volunteer for the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter, which fed and housed the homeless. My commitment to this excellent organization led me to become a board member for one year. I have had a wonderful experience as an intern case manager for the Glide Foundation of San Francisco, where I worked to provide low-income housing to those as risk of homelessness.
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