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Kelly G

Science, English, Languages, ACT Tutor

University of Windsor

Majors: Honours Psychology

Other Certificates: Assistant Early Childhood Educator

About Me



The most important lesson I have learned in working with children is that each student is unique in their learning habits, and it is of dire importance that educator’s honor and encourage this uniqueness.


I am currently in the process of completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Windsor. Over the past 3 years that I have attended the University, I have obtained more experience than education working with children and students within the school board.


I have three years experience working as a part-time school aide with the junior and senior kindergarten classrooms with the Windsor-Essex County District School Board. I have two years experience working as an Assistant Early Childhood Educator in the Catholic School Board. As an assistant E.C.E., I work with grades 3 – 7 and often help with math and language skills homework.


For extracurricular activities, I write poetry and short stories, read fiction and mostly non-fiction novels, and I learn Spanish and French from online programs. I like to encourage learning, so I spend a lot of time learning things that can be picked up easily with the extra time I have. For example, learning to ride a motorcycle, learning the location of all the countries of the world, learning to play the acoustic and learning to play the harmonica.
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