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Mary T

Science, English, Languages, ACT Tutor

State University College at Buffalo

Majors: Clinical Nutrition

Other Certificates: Licensed Registered Dietitian

About Me



I know that people don’t all learn in the same way, and I acknowledge that learning style impacts a students overall success with any topic. I assess this before starting so I can be effective in engaging them in the learning process. Once they are engaged, any topic can be interesting, and more easily absorbed, because the student is on board with the learning. This impacts their success, their outcomes and their desire to continue learning.


I was an A student in school, but had a unique love of learning. I was an enthusiastic student, and loved school. I completed a Degree in Clinical Nutrition at the State University College at Buffalo.


As a Dietitian I teach all day long, encourage life changes, and work to engage my patients in their own healthy outcomes. For 9 years I was a Substitute in the Wake County School System, and enjoyed teaching a variety of subjects. In addition, I have been teaching Health and Nutrition for 15 years in various settings.


I am a health nut and enjoy swimming, biking, being a Youth Leader in our church, and also teaching parenting classes/mentoring parents. I am also an avid reader, and try to keep up on topics relating to young people so that I can communicate with them about their interests.
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