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Micah Y

Math, Science, ACT, SAT Tutor

University of Alabama

Majors: Biology

About Me



I recognize that every student, whether young or old, is unique and therefore has different learning styles. I believe it is the responsibility of the teacher to recognize what allows his/her students to best achieve positive results. It is the responsibility of the student to recognize the requirements of the teacher and aim to meet them. When teacher and student are doing these things, it provides for a valuable learning experience.


I have fortunately attended some very strong schools. I was always a good student in junior high and high school because I picked things up quickly. In the University of Alabama, while I was doing my biology degree, I really grasped what it meant to have good study habits and management skills. Time was valuable, and I began to figure out how to study and learn most effectively. That is what thrills me about teaching: helping students learn with efficiency.


I have taught one year in an international school in Peru. I have also taught for two years at a private school in Alabama. These three years, and teaching a wide range of ages, has provided me with some valuable experience. I feel much better equipped to foster in students’ learning.


I really enjoy sports. I am coaching a basketball team at a local private school, and I also love to play basketball. I enjoy the outdoors as well. Whether it’s playing golf, hiking, or climbing, I like being outside.


I received a 30 on the ACT and a 1250 on the GRE.