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Omar E

Math, Science, English, ACT Tutor

Rutgers University – New Brunswick Campus

Majors: Cell Biology, Neuroscience

About Me



I believe that the number one rule for any effective education is a charismatic, well-engaging teacher. Students should always find a purpose in the material they’re learning.
I believe in this hypothetical equation: PQ (passionate quotient) + CQ (curiosity quotient)> IQ (intelligence quotient). In other terms, a student who is interested and inquisitive about education outweighs a normally smart student.
I also believe in the three P’s: Passion, Purpose, and Play. The classroom setting and environment should always be fun and high-spirited. I believe that every student, regardless of his/her academic achievement, is capable of learning.

The point here is for the teacher to engage the student into the process of learning by encouraging and motivating them. Also necessary is independent study. Teamwork is also a crucial element in any powerful education.


I am currently attending Rutger’s University where I aim to complete my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Cell Biology and Neuroscience.


I worked as a chemistry and trigonometry tutor at my high school from 2011 to 2012. I then worked as a private tutoring in SAT Math, Reading and Writing preparation from 2012 to 2013. I also worked as a tutor in the National Honor Society Tutoring Program doing English, history and physics tutoring.


I have always loved debates and arguments. This passion has led me to constantly read political articles and also write about controversial issues. I regularly read columns from renowned writers like Thomas Friedman and Charles Blow. Additionally, I enjoy reading scientific magazines such as Scientific American. I enjoy learning about how our brain functions the way it does.

I also love reading all sorts of books and articles, and also writing short stories. I also deliver speeches in the Board of Education on ways to improve our education.