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Shalin M

Math, Science, English, ACT Tutor

Rochester Institute of Technology

Majors: B.S., Mechnical Engineering

Other Certificates: M.S., Industrial and Systems Engineering

About Me



I believe that education is a great tool to help children understand the ethics of life, and develop a clear conscience about the rights and wrongs of the world. I am certain that there is a bright child in every child, and that every child has his/her own potential. As a teacher, my aim will be to explore each child’s strengths and inspire him/her to challenge his/her weaknesses.


I did my Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, and am currently pursuing my masters degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, from Rochester Institute of Technology. Apart from my classroom participation, being a Graduate Research Assistant, I have assisted several professors in their projects and researches.


I am currently a teaching assistant at Rochester Institute of Technology. Assistantship includes grading homework and assignments based on tools taught in class, providing assistance to teams of students with their projects, and supporting classroom professors by answering students? queries during the office hours.


I am a volunteer with American Red Cross, and have been involved in various blood drives around the city of Rochester. I am also a Certified Scuba Diver, and have learnt skills to assist fellow divers in case of emergencies.