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Shankar S

Math, Science, English, ACT Tutor

Vanderbilt University

Majors: Structural Engineering

Other Certificates: B.Sc., Civil Engineering

About Me



It is important to look at each student as a separate entity with varied interests, skills, and experience and thereby requiring a significant amount of individual attention. Hence, as a teacher, I will analyze, understand, encourage, and appreciate the thought process of my students, and consequentially evaluate individual strengths and weaknesses. I will focus on vivid elucidation of the subject matter, so that the students have a clear understanding of both concepts and solution methods.


I hold a Ph.D. in Engineering and I am active researcher. I develop new methods to solve practical problems in Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil disciplines. My work is based on Mathematics and Physics, and I have a very strong understanding of fundamental and advanced concepts in these topics. My work is documented in over 50 technical publications that stand testimony to my expertise.


My teaching experiences range from teaching high school mathematics to lecturing undergraduate and graduate classes. I have given over 25 lectures and presentations at multiple universities and conferences. I have regularly taught at Vanderbilt University, lectured at San Diego State University and will be a guest lecturer at Stanford later this year.


In addition to research and teaching, I am interested in photography, bird-watching, and classical music. I give a lot of lectures at universities on stressing the importance of fundamental knowledge and its usefulness in innovation.
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