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Shauna K

Math, Science, English, SAT Tutor

University of California San Diego

Majors: Biology

Minors: Cultural Studies

Other Certificates: M.A.: Biology; CBEST

About Me



Education should cultivate each persons’ interests and talents. I believe that individual relationships matter in education. People learn best when they are engaged and invested in their teacher and/or classmates. Good tutors can forge a connection that allows them to find ways to bond with the student, to find the teaching methods the student responds best to, and how to best teach subject matter to that individual.


I have always been interested in the English language arts, as well as the life sciences. I studied Biology and Genetics at University of California, San Diego. I began a career in science writing and editing, learning and explaining science for a living, writing press releases, news coverage, and educational materials.


I did some private tutoring in high school of middle school and high school students. in college i tutored high school and other college students. I was also a teaching assistant for biology classes as a grad student. I just took the CBEST and began working as a part time elementary school tutor.


I love to travel and photograph. I write and shoot video. I love to dance and listen to music, enjoy museums and art festivals. I like to cook and am interested in nutrition.
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