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Teressa M

Math, Science, English Tutor

University of Alberta

Majors: Immunology and Infection

Minors: Biological Sciences

About Me



Learning comes to students more easily when the teacher can engage them and trigger interest in the subject being taught. By making the material interesting, relevant and fun, students are much more apt to learn faster and retain the information they learn. Material can be easily learned when it is broken into little pieces and taught little by little. Learning is like taking steps up a ladder: by accomplishing each small task students are able to reach the desired goal at the top.


I began my interest in the Sciences at Red Deer College and continued to complete three years of study at the University of Alberta. While at the University of Alberta, I won numerous awards and scholarships for top achievement and earned my BSc degree specializing in Immunology and Infection in 2004. Within my degree I completed many advanced science courses at the University, including Organic Chemistry, Immunology, Parasitology, Nutrition and Genetics.


I have a lot of experience aiding in my children’s classrooms. Specifically, this included helping with children that benefitted from one-on-one instruction. I worked with these children and adapted classroom instruction to meet the needs of their differing learning styles that required non-traditional methods of instruction.


I thoroughly enjoy yoga and walking.
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