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Tyler G

Math, Science, English, ACT Tutor

University of New Brunswick

Majors: Double Major in English and History

Other Certificates: New Brunswick Teaching Certification Level 5

About Me



As soon as a student gives up in one subject, doors to their future begin to close. It is not important for a student to enjoy all subjects they must complete in school because that is impossible. Instead, it is necessary to gain the skills that they require to graduate and enter into a career that makes them happy. By showing students that they can get through the work, they are more able to succeed at that specific class. They can then take those skills and relate them to something that may ultimately make them happy with their career choice in life.


I was an inspired student in school that would always finish work early to read. My teachers soon had me helping struggling students in the class, which inspired me to become a teacher.

I graduated from Tobique Valley High School in Plaster Rock NB in 2001, then attended the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton for 5 years. I specialized in Literature and Social Studies for the middle and high school levels, graduating concurrently from the Arts and Education degree programs in 2006.


I was a supply teacher in New Brunswick’s School District for a year, where I was truly a Jack of All trades. After a year of this, I moved to Beijing in the People’s Republic of China in order to teach full time at a New Brunswick partnership high school called The Beijing Concord-College of Sino-Canada. I intended to only teach overseas for a year, but ended up staying for 6 years, where I taught a modified NB curriculum to ESL Chinese and Korean students, including Environmental Science and a mixture of ESL and Literature.


I have tutored students in standard English and Math subjects in previous school years. I was the Award Supervisor for the Duke of Edinburgh Award (known in non-Commonwealth countries as the International Award for Young People) for BCCSC’s pilot program, which is now extremely popular on the school’s campus. I also ran a Toastmaster’s Society for my ESL high school students in order to help improve their spoken language fluency. I have tutored students in a variety of standardized tests, including IELTS, LEAF, CAEL, and subject driven tests for AP students.