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Valerie F

Science, English Tutor

Wayne State University

Majors: Education, Evaluation and Research

Other Certificates: Michigan Department of Education Teaching Certification

About Me



Learning is a continual process
My goal as a teacher is to have my students become inquisitive thinkers and assist them in solving problems on their own. As a professor, I am only the facilitator to help people realize the ways in which they learn and I present the material in various ways to help people of different learning styles. Since I have taught both K-12 students and professional educators, I have realized that teaching requires patience and understanding. Due to the fact that people learn in different ways, it is a necessity for teachers to continue to try new techniques and strategies to assist students in learning. Doing so requires patience, endurance and diligence. I must be a reflective teacher and if something does not go well with a lesson, then, I must reflect on what I can do differently to help all of my students to be successful. Being a mentor to my students is one of the greatest gifts that I can give. I have had some awesome mentors throughout my educational experiences and without them, I would not have achieved my educational goals. I am so grateful to my mentors and I would like to give back to my students in whatever ways I can help them whether it be one-on-one assistance with learning materials, writing a recommendation letter, or just being someone that they can come and talk to about their academic experiences. This is the best part of the job, being a great mentor!


I possess a Ph.D. in Education, Evaluation, and Research, teaching certifications in elementary education, science, and special education – Learning Disabilities and Cognitive Impairment.


I have taught all students at the k-12 level in all subject areas. As a special education teacher, I had to adapt learning material to students’ needs. I also had to assist general education teacher in adapting material. I am also a professional trainer of teachers and administrators at the Michigan Department of Education in which I train them on the assessment process and the grant process.


I enjoy reading, going to movies, traveling, and spending time with family. My two children of my own keep me very busy, so not only am I a teacher but a mother who has raised very smart and responsible children.