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Windsor Tutors Available

SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring programs all across Windsor. Please call us at 1-877-545-7737 (PREP) to schedule tutoring with any of our available tutors.

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Anu M. – Science/Geography Tutor – Windsor, ON
University of TorontoBiology
“Through my teaching experience, I have established two primary philosophies as a teacher: to promote student reflection and critical thinking, and to individualize their learning experiences.”
Charles B. – English/History Tutor – Windsor, ON
University of WindsorHistory
“My educational philosophy is that students are always unique, and that a teacher needs to adapt their methods to suit them.”
Evelyn N. – Math Tutor – Windsor, ON
University of WindsorIndustrial Engineering
“Everybody is born knowing nothing but everybody learn to do different things as they are growing up.”
Genie M. – Science Tutor – Windsor, ON
University of WindsorBiochemistry
“I believe education is one of the most important things in the world.”
Janelle M. – Math/Science/English/Social Studies Tutor – Windsor, ON
Lakehead UniversityEducation
“A classroom should be a place for a child be enlightened.”
Kayven B. – Math/Science/English Tutor – Windsor, ON
University of WindsorBiochemistry
“My educational philosophy stems from doing whatever is best for the student.”
Khoa T. – Science Tutor – Windsor, ON
University of GuelphBiomedical Science
“I believe that every child has the potential to love science, and that science can be easily taught to anyone.”
University of WindsorBusiness Administration
“I believe teachers are there to guide students on their learning journey, so that eventually they can take up the path on their own.”
Kimberly G. – Math/English Tutor – Windsor, ON
University of Detroit MercyArchitecture
“Everyone has the right to learn and I want to do my best to help students to learn to the best of their abilities.”
Laura D. – Science Tutor – Windsor, ON
McMaster UniversityPsychology, Biology
“I believe that learning occurs best when instruction is provided with encouragement and optimism.
Lindsey R. – Science/English Tutor – Windsor, ON
McMaster UniversityLife Science
“I believe that every student can be successful when they are provided with the right support.”
Natalie D. – English/Languages Tutor – Windsor, ON
University of WindsorEnglish
“I believe all children can learn and a good teacher is adaptable and open.”
Rana A. – Languages Tutor – Windsor, ON
University of WindsorFrench
“Teaching is a passion. Every child is different and learns differently and in various paces.”
Samuel S. – Math/Science/English/ACT Tutor – Windsor, ON
University of WindsorPolitical Science and History
“I believe students learn best when lessons are designed to meet their learning style – whether they are visual, auditory, or tactile learners.”
Sarah J. – Math/Science/English/ACT Tutor – Windsor, ON
University of WindsorBiology and Psychology
“I do my best to connect with my students on a personal level.”
Scott M. – Math/English/Languages/ACT Tutor – Windsor, ON
Baylor UniversitySociology
“I believe good rapport is the key to good learning.”
Susan D. – Math/English/Social Studies/History Tutor – Windsor, ON
University of WindsorSociology
“When I work with students, I try to help them understand the major concepts behind what they are learning.”
Unversity of WindsorEducation
“Each child is special and has a unique personality.”