Math Review of Quotients Involving Radical Expressions

Overview In order to divide rational expressions accurately, special rules for radical expressions can be followed. Some of those rules include the quotient rule, rules for finding the square roots of quotients, and rationalizing the denominator. The Quotient Rule Suppose the problem is to evaluate the square root of 36/49. The problem can be written […]

Review of Mathematical Patterns in Art, Music, and Dance

Overview Mathematical patterns underlie everything in the natural world, including those human extensions of the natural world that surround us. Some of those mathematical patterns are expressed in the arts, including visual arts such as painting and sculpture, and the physics and mathematics of music. Other mathematical patterns are expressed in performance arts, such as […]

Review of Mathematical Patterns and Archaeology

Overview Mathematical patterns underlie human activity, as far back as we can discover ancient artifacts. Architectural wonders such as the Parthenon, the Pyramids, and other ruins show that civilizations were able to apply geometric and mathematical relationships. Neolithic sites as far away as Newgrange, Stonehenge, and many others around the world, show an ancient grasp […]

Math Review of Binary Systems

Overview Numbers in Base 2 are real numbers that can be involved in mathematical operations in the same way as more familiar decimal or Base 10 numbers. The advantage of binary systems — that they contain two numerals 0 and 1 — means that they can be used in situations that have two alternatives. Introduction […]

Back to School Review of Space Figures

Overview Space figures exist in three dimensions. Some examples include spheres, cubes, tetrahedra, polyhedra, cylinders, cones, and other types of solids. Space Figures Add Depth Plane figures such as polygons and curved figures are two-dimensional and flat. They have length and width. Space figures exist in three dimensions, adding depth. A sphere has a center […]