Math Review of Solving Systems by Substitution

Overview One of the ways to solve systems of equations is by graphing the equations.  However, graphing the equations is not always the most accurate method to solve them.  If one variable in a system is represented in terms of the other variable in the system, the systems can be solved by substitution. Using Substitution […]

SAT Review of Multiple-Choice Questions

Overview The SAT consists mostly of multiple-choice questions, except for the essay and some mathematics questions that require an answer grid. Each multiple-choice question has 5 alternative answers. Four of them are distractors, and one alternative is the correct answer. Following Directions It is very important to follow directions exactly when taking the SAT or […]

Math and Physics Review of Curling and Bobsled

Overview Curling and bobsled are winter sports that rely on friction against an icy track or surface. In curling, a special stone is moved by a combination of momentum and friction against a sheet of ice. Team players use a variety of strategies to determine which of their stones will score the highest. In bobsledding […]

Math Review of Representing Solid Figures

Overview Three-dimensional solid figures can be represented by the two-dimensional pattern of polygons that create them. The pattern, called a net, is a visual representation that illustrates the formula for the surface area of the three-dimensional figure. If the net were folded, it would produce that figure. Representation of Cylinders The net for a cylinder […]

English Review of Basic Writing Structures

Overview Writers use basic structures to put their ideas in order and present them. Some of those basic structures include chronological, sequential, comparative, causal (or cause-and-effect), categorical, and evaluative. Chronological and Sequential The simplest way to order ideas is to present them as they happen in time, with a beginning, middle, and end. Most stories […]

English Review of Transitions

Overview One of the ways to help the reader understand the points made or the direction the argument is going is by the use of transitions.  Transition words and phrases signal illustration, contrast, continuation, or conclusion. Illustration One of the ways to develop an idea is by illustrating examples.  They add more information about a […]

Science Review of Metalloids

Overview Metalloids are elements that have some properties of metals and some of nonmetals.  They are on the periodic table along the dividing line between metals and nonmetals. The most commonly recognized metalloids include the elements boron (B), silicon (Si), germanium (Ge), arsenic (As), antimony (Sb), and tellurium (Te). Metalloids Elements are commonly classified as […]