Biology Review of Ecosystems

Overview An ecosystem is an assembly of everything that is in a particular area, both living creatures and nonliving elements. Some ecosystems, such as a square meter of forest, are dense with many different types of creatures and plants, while other ecosystems may be more sparsely populated. The different living organisms depend upon one another […]

English Review: Beyond the Essay Introduction

Overview The draft outline has been written, a tentative thesis statement has been formed, and a provisional introduction is on the page. The computer cursor is blinking, but at least there are words on the page. The body of the essay gives students opportunities to support arguments with proof, including explanations of how something works, […]

English Review: Writing an Essay Introduction

Overview Writing the introduction to an essay can be a confusing process. Students have to decide whether to explain why the topic is important, provide background or description, or just present the thesis statement and the main points from the outline. Sometimes it is easier to use the thesis statement in a rough draft and […]

Math Review of Simplifying Expressions

Overview Students can use the commutative, associative, and distributive properties of addition and multiplication to simplify algebraic expressions. Problems are more easily solved if compatible terms can be combined first. Some problems can then be solved mentally. Compatible Terms Real numbers, whether whole or mixed, are constants that can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided. […]

Math Review of Order of Operations

Overview Order of operations within math problems gives students a set of rules to follow in order to get the same answer. In the standard order of operations, expressions within parentheses are worked first, then exponents, then multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. Conventional Order Suppose the problem is as simple as 85 +9 X 2. […]

Science Review of Volcanoes

Overview Volcanoes on Earth are usually caused when hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases escape from chambers below the crust. Although many volcanic mountains have cones with craters, other types of volcanoes exist. Volcanic activity occurs on land, under the sea, and elsewhere in the Solar System and beyond. Formation of Magma Temperatures are hot […]

Science Review of Earthquakes

Overview Earthquakes are caused when energy is suddenly released in the earth’s crust, so that it shakes and trembles. Most are mild, but some are violent, resulting in massive devastation, injury, and loss of life, such as the recent earthquakes in Nepal in April and May, 2015 Why Earthquakes? The tectonic plates that make up […]

English Review of Outlining the Essay

  Overview Writing an outline is an important step to ensure structure in a finished essay. Some writers choose to form a firm thesis statement before they write the first draft, and then write a draft outline. Others choose to write a rough thesis statement, write a very rough draft of the essay, and then […]

English Review of Prewriting the Essay

Overview Sometimes, the most difficult part of writing an essay is getting past the first few sentences or even the first few words. The blank page or the blinking cursor on the blank computer screen mocks the writer who doesn’t know what to write. There is hope, with some strategies for prewriting the essay to […]

Math Review of Operations with Real Numbers

Overview Operations with real numbers are the most familiar types in mathematics. Those numerical expressions with constants and operations include such actions as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.   Many algebraic expressions are usually operations with real numbers. Real Numbers The set of real numbers include the entire set of rational numbers, such as positive and […]