More Math Concepts for Division

Overview If division were limited to single-digit divisors and math facts, it would be comparatively easy. Long division is more difficult to visualize and tie to real-world manipulative objects. Paradigms exist for long division, and there are tips and tricks for dealing with other problems. Divisibility Sometimes it is easier to tell if a dividend […]

Back to School Review of Division

Overview Division is the inverse of multiplication. If a times b equals c, and b is not equal to zero, then c divided by b equals a. Also, for any real number a not equal to zero, a times 1/a equals 1. Division Division is one of the four basic arithmetic operations. It is usually […]

Math Review of Graphing Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Overview If two linear equations are solved, and their solution is graphed on a Cartesian coordinate plane, there are three possibilities. The lines may be the same, with all solutions in common. They may never intersect, with no solutions in common. They may intersect at only one point, with one solution in common. Review of […]

Math Review of Operations with Sets

Overview Operations with sets include the union of sets, the intersection of sets, and complements of sets. These operations can be applied to solve survey problems using sets. Special Types of Sets Some special types of sets include the null or empty set, the universal set, and proper and improper subsets. The null or empty […]

Math Review of Multiplication of Matrices

Overview: The dimensions of a matrix are important to its definition.  In order for the multiplication of two matrices to be meaningful, each matrix must have certain dimensions.  Multiplication of matrices is not commutative. Review of Scalar Multiplication In order to multiply a matrix by a constant, every member of the matrix is multiplied by […]

Math Introduction to Sets and Logic

Overview Thinking about sets of objects and numbers is as simple as counting and as complex as infinity and transfinite numbers. Sets are an essential underlying concept of mathematics and logic. Roster or Description Mathematicians use the language of set theory to describe sets. For example, small, finite sets can be defined using the roster […]

Math Review of Infinity

Overview Infinity in math means endlessness, limitlessness, and unboundedness. Different levels and symbols exist, which depend on how it is defined. There are many applications in science for the endlessly fascinating concept of infinity. Endlessness This is the most familiar concept of infinity. The number line is endless in both directions, stretching from its origin […]