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English Review of World Poetry
284 177 Deborah

Overview Forms of poetry exist all over the world, some predating writing. Poems are written in specific forms from the Far East through Persia and Arabia, using specific features of the culture and language. For example, the Epic of Gilgamesh, written in Sumeria in the third millennium BCE, uses common features of Sumerian language and…

English Review of Types of Poetry
381 132 Deborah

Overview Poetry is based upon aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language, and exists across all cultures of the world.  Some say that poems, like music, came before literacy, and poetic tales made important facts easier to remember.  There are hundreds of subtypes of poetry, and some types include narrative poetry, epic poetry, lyric poetry, and…

Science Review of Jellyfish
299 168 Deborah

Overview Jellyfish are found in all the world’s oceans, from the surface to the deep sea.  Most live in saltwater, although there are a few species that live in fresh water.  Jellyfish have soft bodies and swim freely for much of their adult lives. Kinds of Jellyfish There are hundreds of different species of jellyfish. …

Science Review of Rays
252 200 Deborah

Overview Rays are fish that are close relatives of sharks.  There are over 600 species, and most live in tropical or subtropical marine environments.  Like sharks, their skeletons are made of cartilage rather than bone.  They live on the sea floor, and some species eat smaller fish, other bottom-dwellers such as crustaceans, and others eat…

Math Review of Graphing Compound Inequalities
358 120 Deborah

Overview Inequalities can be graphed along the number line by solving the inequality and then graphing it.  Conjunctions are true when both statements of an inequality are true.  Disjunctions are true when either one or both statements of an inequality are true.  Both conjunctions and disjunctions can form the basis for truth tables. Review of…

Math Review of Digit and Coin Problems
240 180 Deborah

Overview Some very common word problems are problems involving digits and problems involving coins.  Like motion problems, these word problems can also be solved using equations in two variables. Setting up a Digit Problem Any two-digit number can be written as 10x +y where x is the number in the tens column and y is…

English Review of Types of Nonfiction
240 151 Deborah

Overview There are also a number of types (or genres) of nonfiction, including biography, essays, history, and reports.  Nonfiction differs from fiction in that nonfiction deals with accurate reporting of events, while fiction creates imaginary events.  Much of the writing that students do is nonfiction, whether in essays, reports, or papers. Biography and Autobiography A…

English Review of Types of Fiction
269 187 Deborah

Overview There are many different types or genres of fiction.  Some of the most common types include adventure fiction, historical fiction, romance, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and horror.  Some people love to read only one type of fiction, such as adventure stories, mysteries, or science fiction, and libraries often shelve books in sections, so that…

Science Review of Marine Sanctuaries
267 189 Deborah

Overview Marine sanctuaries are like national parks, but in the sea or off the coast. These areas protect many species of marine wildlife, and are in many different locations, as far north as the Arctic, as far south as the Caribbean, as far west as Hawai’i and almost to the Philippines. Marine sanctuaries provide a…

Science Review of the New Solar System
227 222 Deborah

Overview As a result of discoveries made by the New Horizons mission and other observations, the new solar system may have many more planets than the accepted eight or nine. The new solar system may have hundreds of planets, including asteroids, moons, and dwarf planets. Rather than memorize hundreds of names, it’s more important to…

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