Back to School Review of Mathematical Patterns

Overview Mathematical patterns are abundant in nature, in art, architecture, and in science. Patterns of numbers have fascinated people from the time that the earliest humans began to use number concepts. They were especially intriguing to ancient cultures. Patterns in Nature Some of the most captivating patterns occur in nature. The microscopic plants and animals […]

The AC Method of Factoring Polynomials when A Is Not Equal to 1

Overview The AC-method, also known as factoring by grouping, is often used to factor polynomials when the a coefficient is equal to 1. It can also be used when the a coefficient is not equal to 1, similar to the FOIL method. Questioning the Polynomial Expression The first step to defining the polynomial expression, before […]

Math Review of Quotients Involving Radical Expressions

Overview In order to divide rational expressions accurately, special rules for radical expressions can be followed. Some of those rules include the quotient rule, rules for finding the square roots of quotients, and rationalizing the denominator. The Quotient Rule Suppose the problem is to evaluate the square root of 36/49. The problem can be written […]

Biology Review of Cellular Respiration

Overview Cellular respiration is the process that transforms food to energy within living organisms, requiring oxygen for the complete cycle.┬áIf the cell is in the presence of oxygen, the processes are aerobic and include glycolysis, the Krebs cycle, and electron transport. Processes such as fermentation occur after glycolysis. They release energy and do not require […]

Chemistry Review of Substances and Mixtures

Overview Substances occur in elements or compounds, while mixtures can be any combination of one or more elements or compounds. Mixtures may occur as solutions or heterogeneous combinations. Elements and Compounds Elements and compounds are known as pure substances. A molecule of one of the elements or compounds only contains that substance. For example, a […]