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16 Apr Posted by in Pre-Algebra | Comments Off

Solving Math Problems: Reading Problems Carefully

Overview: It is essential to read a math problem carefully before any other steps can be taken to solve the problem.  The process of reading a math problem carefully includes understanding the meaning of any unfamiliar words or symbols, paying close attention to directions, sorting out any information that is not needed, and determining if […]


15 Apr Posted by in Geometry, Pre-Algebra | Comments Off

Math Review of Angles and Parallel Lines

Overview: Angles and the lines that form them are an essential part of geometry.  Understanding the relationship between parallel lines, lines that are not parallel, and the different types of angles within figures is important to determining their measurement. What Are the Relationships Between Angles on a Straight Line? Suppose that three points A, B, […]


14 Apr Posted by in Pre-Algebra | Comments Off

Math Review of Converting between Conventional and Metric Systems

Overview: In the United States, two separate measurement systems are used, the conventional or English system and the metric system.  The conventional system with inches, pounds, cups, and quarts, is in use in many aspects of everyday life, in carpentry, and in many trades, while the metric system is used in science, medicine, and many […]


11 Apr Posted by in Biology, Science | Comments Off

Pedigree: How to determine your genetic lineage

Overview: Pedigrees are visual representations of a family’s genetic history. Each pedigree focuses on one specific gene that is studied by geneticists. There are several benefits of studying a family’s genetic history. By reviewing past generations, scientists can deduce the mode of inheritance for a specific gene. A person can study their family’s pedigree to […]


10 Apr Posted by in Algebra | Comments Off

Math Review of Rational Exponents

  Overview Rational exponents are an extension of the rules of exponents. They can be solved by applying those rules and often take more than one step. What Is an Exponent? An exponent such as 32 is a direction to multiply 3 by itself twice, such as 3∙3, or 9.  Similarly, an exponent such as […]