Math Review of Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Overview Adding and subtracting polynomials is similar to adding and subtracting other expressions.  Terms can be combined using the Commutative and Associative properties for addition, then like terms can be added or subtracted as needed. Find Like Terms Recall that like terms have the same variables and are at the same degree.  If they have […]

Math Review of Polynomials

Overview Polynomials contain variables, constants, and exponents.  The simplest polynomial is called a monomial, as a monomial consists of a single expression. Other polynomials are a sum of monomials. Monomials A monomial expression can consist of a constant, variable, and exponent, all multiplied together.  The variable is not in the denominator of the expression, such […]

English Review of Writing the Admissions Essay

Overview Many selective colleges and universities ask prospective students to write an essay as part of their application for admissions.  Usually, there are guidelines, such as word length, a quotation, or a common question.  The goals of the essay are for the admissions officer to see how well students can express themselves in writing, and […]

Science Review of Deserts

Overview Desert lands generally receive less than 10 inches of rainfall per year, and sometimes receive no rainfall in a year.  Desert climates may be hot or cold, and the topography may be flat or mountainous. Polar Desert The continent of Antarctica is considered a polar desert.  It receives less than 8 inches of rainfall […]

Science Review of Glaciers

Overview Glaciers form on land when the amount of snow falling in winter is greater than the amount that melts in the summer.  The compact snow and ice form sheets that flow under their own weight.  Those moving rivers of ice are especially found in mountainous areas and in the polar regions on Earth. Types […]

Math Review of Division of Exponents

Overview As division is the inverse of multiplication, so division of exponents is the inverse of multiplication of exponents.  There are properties for the division of exponents similar to the properties for the multiplication of exponents. Quotient of Powers Recall that finding a product of powers with the same base is expressed by the rule […]