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23 Apr Posted by in Geometry, Pre-Algebra | Comments Off

Math Review of the Triangle-Sum Property

Overview: One of the many interesting properties of triangles is the Triangle-Sum Property.  According to the Triangle-Sum property, the sum of the measures of the angles of any triangle is 180 degrees.  The angles of the triangle form a straight angle. What Is a Triangle? A triangle is a polygon that has three sides that […]


22 Apr Posted by in Pre-Algebra | Comments Off

Math Review of Using Parentheses in Equations

Overview: Parentheses in equations mean that numbers and variables should be combined first, regardless of the standard order of operations.  For example, an expression such as (3 + 4)∙ 5, which equals 35, has a different meaning than 3 + (4 ∙ 5), which equals 23.  Similarly, an expression such as (2 + 3)/7x has […]


21 Apr Posted by in Fractions, Pre-Algebra | Comments Off

Math Review of Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Overview: Adding and subtracting fractions is similar to adding and subtracting whole numbers, with one important difference.  The denominators must be the same, so that if the fractions do not have the same denominator, they must be changed into equivalent fractions with the same denominator.  Then the general pattern of adding or subtracting fractions can […]


18 Apr Posted by in Pre-Algebra | Comments Off

Math Review of Proportions

Overview: Number statements that contain proportions are statements that fractions are equivalent. It can easily be shown that 2/4 = 3/6.   If the proportions contain variables, they can be solved like any other number statement.  The solution may just take more steps. What Are Rates, Ratios, and Proportion? The words rate, ratio, and proportion all […]


17 Apr Posted by in Biology, Science | Comments Off

Determining Genotypes and Phenotypes using Punnett Squares

Overview: Punnett squares are diagrams designed to predict results of classic breeding experiments. They support Mendelian inheritance, as well as the laws of segregation and independent assortment. During meiosis, chromatids are separated such that each gamete receives only one allele. Additionally, different genes are assorted and inherited independently from on another; the probability of one […]