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Math Review of Trigonometry and Navigation

Overview Trigonometry in the form of triangulation is at the heart of navigation, whether it is by land, sea, or air. GPS systems use triangulation to find and fix positions, extrapolating what is unknown from what is known. Triangulation is also used to measure the distances between earth and distant stars and galaxies, thus aiding […]

Math Review of Platonic Solids and Polyhedra

Overview There are infinitely many regular polygons. However, there are a fixed number of regular polyhedra, called Platonic solids. Mathematicians use the definitions of the regular polygons and the characteristics of solid objects to arrive at their conclusions. Characteristics of Regular Polyhedra Regular polygons, such as equilateral triangles, squares, equilateral pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons, and […]

Math Review of Applications of Circular Functions

Overview Circular trigonometric functions can be applied to situations in physical, biological, and social sciences involving data that follows a pattern that is not linear. Many of those patterns are periodic, and can be modeled by approximations of sine, cosine, or other functions. The Sine and Cosine Waves The numerical value of t around the […]

Math Review of Angles and Circular Motion

Overview Trigonometry is defined by the measurement of angles and their relationships. One of the ways that trigonometry can be applied is in the measurement of angles and circular motion. Angle Measure Angles in trigonometry and calculus can be measured in radians, which is a relationship of the measurement of an angle by the arc […]