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SchoolTutoring Academy offers personalized French tutoring programs to help students in both immersion and non-immersion French courses.

French Tutoring Programs

Individualized French Language Tutoring

Expert French tutoring can help a student, whether they are just starting out with the language or have been taking it for several years. Our French tutors help students build a solid foundation in the fundamentals such as spelling, grammar, and verb conjugation, as well as advanced concepts such as accents and pronunciations.

SchoolTutoring Academy believes students have a better learning experience when they are in a one-on-one environment working directly with a tutor, instead of at a large tutoring center. That is why we offer personalized tutoring that allows us to focus on the individual student and their needs. By first assessing your student’s current abilities and uncovering their challenges, we are able to craft a plan that is tailored to the needs of the student. Our private, in-home tutoring is available seven-days a week which allows your student access to help, no matter when they are studying or working on homework.


Comprehensive French Tutoring Programs

SchoolTutoring Academy employs French tutors who know how to teach your student in a nurturing and relaxed environment. These highly-educated tutors have the expertise to help your child understand the fundamentals of mastering a difficult language like French. Your child will learn:

  • Vocabulary, grammar and spelling
  • Proper sentence structure
  • Using the correct pronunciation
  • Conjugation of verbs
  • Conversational French including often-used phrases, questions and responses
  • French culture and history

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Learning That Continues Outside the Tutoring Session

SchoolTutoring Academy tutors are available to discuss your child’s progress and establish or revise learning objectives. They also provide parents with detailed progress reports to track the child’s progress and suggest areas where additional work may be needed.

If your child is having difficulty with the French language, please call SchoolTutoring Academy at 1-877-545-7737 and an Academic Director will discuss your child’s strengths and weaknesses with you.

Meet Some of Our French Tutors

Brown UniversityFrench Literature
“Learning a foreign language in this era is key to success in a global market.”
Concordia UniversityFrench Studies: Specialization; Translation
“I enjoy getting to know my students’ weaknesses so we can strengthen them. I believe learning should be fun.”
Brandon UniversityEnglish and French
“I believe that education is something that doesn’t stop from the beginning of one’s life to the end of one’s life.”
University of WaterlooDrama and French
“I believe that the key to learning is engagement, but this is not something to be forced onto students.”
Rana A. – Languages Tutor – Windsor, ON
University of WindsorFrench
“Teaching is a passion. Every child is different and learns differently and in various paces.”
Concordia University, MontrealFrench-English Translation
“Getting the child to willingly, not forcefully, participate is the real challenge; once that barrier is broken, there is nothing standing in the way.”

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