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Rahim M

Math, Science, English, ACT Tutor

University of Waterloo

Majors: Honours Kinesiology

Minors: Psychology

About Me



I believe that one of life’s greatest gifts is knowledge and one of life’s greatest journey’s is the search for knowledge. Although all subjects may not come easy to everyone, most things, with time can be taught. I also believe that even though I am a teacher and am helping other individuals reach their potential, the beauty of learning is that I am becoming a better teacher and student because of all of the students out there because all of the different learning styles are truly appreciable.


I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Honours Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology. My strongest subjects have been in the three major scientific fields being biology, physics and chemistry and I am continuing to learn various topics within these subjects in relation to human movement.


I have been tutoring for over 3 years at the high school and college/ university level.


My favourite things to do are going to the movies and exercising at the gym which I do between 3-5 times a week. I also really enjoy volunteering with different organizations and cooking and reading books from a select list of authors.