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Scott A

Math, English, ACT, SAT Tutor

University of Alberta

Majors: Economics, Psychology

Minors: Political Science

Other Certificates: Masters in Economics

About Me



In my field of social sciences, I think there is a real need to understand both data/math along with history and qualitative approaches. That is, we need a comparative approach, i.e. compare country A to country B. With the above noted, I would say my philosophy is to push kids boundaries, to make them understand the same problem from different angles.


I have a masters in Economics, along with a BA in Econ and a BA in psychology. I have done a considerable amount of research in different settings, both in a econometrics setting, such as analyzing data given, and in a experimental setting, such as a lab where you get the results. I have a very well rounded background from all the social sciences, and a bit of science as well, mostly in regards to my psychology degree, i.e. brain and behavior.


I was a ESL teacher in China for half a year and recently I have been tutoring children online in math and economics.


I love to play music. I play the guitar and am a singer/songwriter. I also love sports, in particular baseball and hockey. I spend most of my free time reading; in fact, I am a bit of a addict when it comes to reading.