Solar Energy and its Applications

Solar Energy and its Applications

Solar Energy and its Applications 150 150 SchoolTutoring Academy

Energy from sun can be categorised in two ways: in the form of heat and light. We use the solar energy every day in many different ways. When we hang laundry outside to dry in the sun, we are using the solar heat to dry our clothes. Plants make their food in the presence of sunlight. Animals and humans get food from plants. Fossil fuels are actually solar energy stored millions and millions of years ago.

There is variety of products that uses solar energy. These products are called solar devices (or appliances) or solar thermal collectors. Solar thermal technologies uses the solar heat energy to heat water or air for applications such as space heating, pool heating and water heating for homes and businesses. Let us look at the applications of solar energy in different sectors.

Residential Application

Use of solar energy for homes has number of advantages. The solar energy is used in residential homes for heating the water with the help of solar heater. The photovoltaic cell installed on the roof of the house collects the solar energy and is used to warm the water. Solar energy can also be used to generate electricity. Batteries store energy captured in day time and supply power throughout the day. The use of solar appliances is one of the best ways to cut the expenditure on energy.

Industrial Application

Sun’s thermal energy is used in office, warehouse and industry to supply power. Solar energy is used to power radio and TV stations. It is also used to supply power to lighthouse and warning light for aircraft.

Remote Application

Solar energy can be used for power generation in remotely situated places like schools, homes, clinics and buildings. Water pumps run on solar energy in remote areas. Large scale desalination plant also use power generated from solar energy instead of electricity.


Solar energy is also used for public transportation such as trolleys, buses and light-rails.

Pool heating

Solar heating system can be used to heat up water in pool during cold seasons.

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