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Red Deer, Alberta Tutoring Programs

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Red Deer District and Curriculum

The schools in Red Deer maintain instructional practices in accordance with the curriculum provided by the province. There are curricular plans developed for the major core subjects, the Languages, Health, Career and Life Management, Information Technology, Environmental Education and other emerging fields of study. The framework identifies the knowledge that is required within each area that bring about proficiency in the subject. These standards of learning offer benchmarks and measurable goals which province-wide and classroom-based assessments are constructed upon.

We currently cover the following Red Deer-area school district: Red Deer Public School District, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools.

Schools in Red Deer include:

Fairview Elementary School is located at 5901 55 Street, Red Deer, AB T4N 7C8. Fairview Elementary School covers Kindergarten through fifth grade. Contact Fairview Elementary School at (403) 343-8780. Fairview Elementary School knows that their students are going through a special time, where children participate in educational experiences that they will treasure for many years. They see it as the job of their staff to create positive, successful, and productive learning opportunities in a safe and caring environment. They pledge to work hard to ensure that the academic, social, and physical skills of each child are developed. They stress the values of cooperation, responsibility, and tolerance of others. At Fairview Elementary School, they believe that there is greatness in all of their students. They look forward to a very positive and productive school year, every year, and they value the involvement of their parents.  To ensure your child is receiving the optimal amount of education, make sure to check out our information on our tutors who offer homework help.

Eastview Middle School is located at 3929 40 Avenue, Red Deer, AB T4N 2W5. Eastview Middle School covers sixth grade through eighth grade. Contact Eastview Middle School at (403) 343-2455. At Eastview Middle School, the staff and administrators are committed to providing outstanding instruction in a safe and caring atmosphere. They aim to build partnerships with their students, parents, and the community to ensure that each student takes responsibility for their learning. The staff holds an expectation that all students can be successful in order to promote a dynamic, learning-centred environment. They incorporate a wide range of teaching styles to accommodate all sorts of different styles of learning, and to promote students developing their strengths and striving to reach their full potential.

Hunting Hills High School is located at 150 Lockwood Avenue, Red Deer, AB T4R 2M4. Hunting Hills High School covers grade 9 through grade 12. Contact Hunting Hills High School at (403) 342-6655.  At Hunting Hills High School, the staff love to teach, and are very proud of the outstanding students that they produce. Their staff does their absolute best to make sure their students succeed! Whether the students choose to continue their education, or choose to go directly into the working world, Hunting Hills High School prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. The school is also well outfitted in terms of facilities, with conventional, large group, and independent teaching areas; two large gyms and a fitness centre; multi-science laboratories; over 400 computers; a library with electronic searching and information sources; exceptional fine arts facilities in drama, music, and art; and a large student gathering area with cafeteria food service. Hunting Hills High School strives for excellence by providing the best curriculum, instruction, and learning opportunities in order to maximize the potential of all their students. They believe in equity, fairness, balance, consistency, safety in actions and environment, acceptance and belonging, choice of opportunities, interests, teachers and courses, spirit and enthusiasm, integrity and trust, and achievement.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Red Deer District Curriculum

The language arts curriculum integrates reading, writing and communicating as it applies to both fiction and non-fiction. As they read, students determine how different sentences, phrases, and paragraphs work together to bring interest to a larger piece of text. Learners also assess how differing points of view shape the context in which a text is written. Students work on identifying key ideas and details as well. This includes summarizing the main ideas of written works, as well as analyzing how characters develop over the course of a fictional work.

In the world languages programs, students learn more than how to speak in another language. Writing in the target language is emphasized once students have acquired this basic understanding of their new language. More advanced skills, such as reading and writing complex passages and carrying on complex conversations are acquired in high school. The cultural component of the world languages curriculum instills a respect for cultural and social mores. Students observe, identify, and replicate patterns of behavior that are appropriate within the culture, and also identify beliefs and customs that are common to their cultural heritage.

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Everyone has the capability and capacity to learn, if only given the opportunity and proper guidance. Children and teenagers have amazing minds, as they are in the stage of development where the neural connections of their brains are in a state of constant flux. These are crucial years for them to develop intellectual capabilities.
My educational philosophy is that all children have a willingness to learn but every child has their own unique way of learning. It is important for us, as educators, to understand this and listen to each individual student to provide them with efficient and effective teaching strategies.
I am committed to a constructionist approach of learning and am flexible in adapting to different learning styles. My focus is on concept acquisition, skills development and emotional engagement.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Red Deer Educational News

  • School Community Support - The district is supported by the Foundation for Red Deer Public Schools that provides about $50,000 in projects “Above and Beyond for Children.” Throughout the year they offer programs, events and ways to get involved that generate opportunities for enhancements to the community’s learning base.
  • Spanish Bilingual Program - One local school, the GH Dawe School, is now offering a Bilingual Spanish program for students. Currently this program is for students in kindergarten and first grade and there are 50 slots available.
  • Local Alternative Programs - Programs that offer a religious-based education are available through the district. Gateway Christian School is a part of the public school system and provides education to students K-12.

Red Deer Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About Red Deer, Alberta

Red Deer, Alberta is located in the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor in Red Deer County; Red Deer is relatively large, covering an area of 104.7 km2 . Red Deer has a population of 100,418, and is the third most populous city in Alberta. The city is located in a region of rolling hills that are home to oil, grain, and cattle production. It is a centre for oil and agricultural production, as well as petrochemical production. Red Deer grew out of a stopping house on the Calgary Edmonton trail in 1882, when the first building was erected. From then on, a permanent settlement began to develop around it. The first train from Calgary to Edmonton crossed through Red Deer in 1891.

Red Deer was incorporated as a town in 1901, with a population of 343. Although Red Deer was founded on fertile land perfect for farming, it developed mostly as a centre for distribution rather than production. In World War II, Red Deer was the site of a massive training camp. The city later became an epicentre for oil and natural gas extraction and related industries.In the 2016 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, the City of Red Deer recorded a population of 100,418 living in 39,982 of its 42,285 total private dwellings, a change of 10.9% from its 2011 population of 90,564. With a land area of 104.73 km2 (40.44 sq mi), it had a population density of 958.8/km2 (2,483.4/sq mi) in 2016.

Canyon Ski Resort

Canyon Ski Resort is Alberta’s largest ski resort not set on a mountain. Canyon Ski Resort offers plenty of fun for the entire family. Not only can patrons ski and snowboard at Canyon Ski Resort, but they can also go snow tubing, go on the terrain park, super pipe, and relax and get some hot chocolate in the rustic lodge. The resort has 70 acres of skiable terrain, 18 runs, and 6 lifts. The lifts can transport a total of 5000 people per hour, so you can get in as many runs as you can handle, and their vast, snow making system which covers 95% of the area gives everyone a jump on the season and ensures great conditions throughout the winter. At Canyon Ski Resort, they also cater to groups and parties, as well as weddings and other major events! The resort also offers lessons and rentals, to make sure that everyone is outfitted and prepared to their absolute best. For more information, please visit their website located here.

Waskasoo Park

Waskasoo Park is home to two major sites: The Kerry Wood Nature centre and Fort Normandeau. The Kerry Wood Nature Centre is located on the south bank of the Red Deer River. The Centre offers hands-on natural history interpretation, interactive exhibits, unique books or gift ideas, and so much more. The Nature Centre is also the hub of the park trail system, a starting point for anyone looking to delve into their natural surroundings and local wild spaces. The Nature Centre is named for Kerry Wood, a New York born teenager who fell in love with Red Deer. Kerry Wood made friends with the Native Peoples, the Natural History Society, and the locals, he worked mostly as a writer, having written over 6000 short stories, 8000 articles, and 9000 newspaper columns, as well as hundreds of television and radio programs. Fort Normandeau offers an extensive program of natural and human history interpretation, environmental education, special events, school, youth group and public programs, rafting trips, as well as sleepovers and day camps. Red Deer River Crossing was a known safe location to cross the river by the Native peoples, the only one for a long way up and downstream. A Stopping house was built there in 1884, which later was fortified during the Riel Rebellion, and was named Fort Normandeau. Today, the crossing and the fort commemorate the influence the native peoples had on the development of the city. For more information, please visit their website here.

Interesting Facts

  • Red Deer’s official cookie is the Caramel Surprise.
  • Red Deer had the first court case in Canada to include female jurors.
  • The official name of the Green Onion/water tower is the Horton Waterspheroid. When it was built it was the tallest water tower in North America.
  • Gaetz Manufacturing Company was the first company in Alberta to manufacture work shirts and overalls.
  • In 1884 the last bison was seen in the Red Deer area.

Chalk Talk: Today's Technology Classes

The technology curriculum is a constantly expanding portion of the overall curriculum and is used to support learning in all subjects and is also a subject that can be studied from a number of different angles. Students learn practical lessons in computer usage, word processing programs and using the internet, with a particular focus on evaluating the quality of information they find online. As they progress, students may learn how to program, create websites, or work with design software. Students also look at information systems and their role in scientific inquiry. Students learn to use computer hardware and software to collect, analyze, and integrate data from multiple sources. This includes using spreadsheets and databases to store data in a coherent and usable fashion.