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SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring programs across all cities in California. Please call us at 1-877-545-7737 (PREP) to schedule tutoring with any of our available tutors.


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La Jolla, CA


San Jose State Univ.Mathematics
“My educational philosophy can be simply described to be: “Teaching mathematics through Socratic or “Discovery” method uniquely combined with “Positive Reinforcement” techniques.”


Laguna Niguel, CA


Pamela J. – English/ACT/SAT Tutor – Laguna Niguel, CA
California State NorthridgeEnglish
“As a teacher, it is important to know the students that you are servicing, as no two students are the same.”


Long Beach, CA


California State University, Long BeachEnglish Education
“As an educator, I believe it is necessary to determine an individual child’s learning style and formulate lessons and instructions to match that learning style.”
Sandra O. – Languages Tutor – Long Beach, CA
University of North TexasSocial Science
“I believe people learn best when they are confident about their ability to grasp a new concept. Therefore, I am committed to instilling confidence in students about their capacity to learn.”


Los Angeles, CA


Pennsylvania State UniversityCommunications
“I believe that learning takes place when students are generally interested in the material or when they’re inspired by their instructor/teacher to strive to become better.”
Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles CALiberal Studies
“Each child is an individual and should be treated like one. They deserve respect and they deserve patience when in a learning atmosphere.”
Jake I. – Math/Science Tutor – Los Angeles, CA
University of California – Santa BarbaraMechanical Engineering
“Slow and methodical step-by-step explanations are what most people need to learn math and physics.”
Marilyn B. – English Tutor – Los Angeles, CA
California State UniversityEducation
“I believe that all students deserve a chance at academic success, regardless of past oversights, accomplishments, race,ethnicity, culture, social status, religion, and gender.”
University of California, RiversidePsychology
“The students are the ones learning so encompassing the curriculum around their method of learning and incorporating some of their interests will make learning more enjoyable.”
Ryan K. – English Tutor – Los Angeles, CA
Syracuse UniversityCommunications
“I make learning interesting by relating it to common conventions.”


Los Gatos, CA


University of California San DiegoBiology
“Education should cultivate each persons’ interests and talents.”


Manteca, CA


Joy C. – Math/Science/English Tutor – Manteca, CA
San Joaquin Delta College/ Humphreys CollegePsychology/ Community Studies
“My educational philosophy is to have an approach built upon academic standards where a curriculum is developed and keeping the commitment to a creative, innovative and child-centered education.”


Marysville, CA


Stacy W. – Math Tutor – Marysville, CA
California State UniversityBusiness, Marketing
“Teaching is the ability to translate subjects into a language that students can understand.”


Milpitas, CA


Saint Cloud State UniversityMechanical Engineering
“I believe that if someone works hard they can be very successful.”


Mira Loma, CA


University of California – RiversideHealth Physics
“Making Science and Math problems interesting to the student is important since they can learn much faster and enjoy the learning process more if they are actually interested in learning it.”


Modesto, CA


University of California, MercedAnthropology, Sociology
“I believe that teachers/ tutors are responsible for providing individualized attention to students to improve their learning experiences.”
Jose J. – Math/Science/English Tutor – Modesto, CA
Modesto Junior CollegeBiochemistry
“With the right amount of discipline, hard work and motivation, anyone can reach or surpass their educational goals.”


Mount Baldy, CA


University of Maryland School of Law, Baltimore, MDLaw
“Through my years of teaching, I have learned that it is critical for the tutor to be just as engaged and dedicated in the learning process as the student.”


Murrieta, CA


Raquel D. – English Tutor – Murrieta, CA
University of California, Santa BarbaraEnglish
“My life goal is to obtain a teaching position where my education in English language and literature can be utilized to assist students and help them grow as writers, readers, and critical thinkers.”


Napa, CA


Ashley B. – Math/English Tutor – Napa, CA
Northern Kentucky UniversityBachelors degree in Middle Grades Education
“I believe that all students learn in different ways and it is my job as a teacher to find that way that works the best.”


Newport Beach, CA


Arizona State UniversityEducation and Early Childhood Education
“I believe that teaching should be a challenging and rewarding experience for both the teacher and the student.”


North Hollywood, CA


University of Southern California M.F.A. in Theater Arts (Playwriting)
“I encourage my students to find their own learning style.”


Oakland, CA


Robyn W. – Math/English Tutor – Oakland, CA
California State University – East BayBusiness Administration
“My philosophy of education is that every child should have the right to learn and get a quality education.”


Orange, CA


Meagan J. – English Tutor – Orange, CA
CSU FullertonEnglish, Instructional Design & Technology
“Everyone, including non-traditional students, is entitled to a quality education.”


Palmdale, CA


Iris J. – Math/Science/English Tutor – Palmdale, CA
University of California, IrvineSocial Ecology
“Learning is a lifetime process.”
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