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Joseph A

Math, Science, English, ACT Tutor

Saint Cloud State University

Majors: Mechanical Engineering

About Me



I believe that if someone works hard they can be very successful. Also learning is a journey that never ends because you keep learning everyday. Education is power and would help you in the long run.


I graduated high school in the year 2007 and then went to college to pursue mechanical engineering. While pursuing my degree I learnt a lot in terms of education and also had the wonderful opportunity to pass on what I learnt to others b y tutoring and helping others with their academic affairs.


I tutor student’s one-on-one privately and at my university. My main area of expertise is Math. Apart from that, I can also tutor English, Chemistry and Biology.


I was part of a soccer intramural team. I pretty much play all sports. I was also part of some organizations while I was in college. I also use some of my free time to offer students help by tutoring and basically just helping them.