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Pennsylvania Tutors Available

SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring programs across all cities in Pennsylvania. Please call us at 1-877-545-7737 (PREP) to schedule tutoring with any of our available tutors.

Tutoring Options: All States >> Pennsylvania

Allentown, PA

Chestnut Hill CollegeEarly Childhood/ Elementary Education
“I believe all children are capable of learning.”
Kutztown University of PennsylvaniaEducation
“The key to success is to discover the particular learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) and instruct the student in the way they are receptive to receiving information.”

Altoona, PA

Michele O. – Math Tutor – Altoona, PA
Grand Canyon UniversityEducation
“Throughout a person’s educational experience, I feel that they should set goals for themselves. In order to do this and stick to it, it is often better to have a coach or a counselor to help a student reach those goals.”

Bellefonte, PA

Penn State universityEnglish
“I believe that all students deserve a highly effective and enjoyable educational experience.”

Bethlehem, PA

St.Joseph’s UniversitySociology, Social Psychology
“I believe students need to be taught on their instructional level utilizing their prior knowledge and experiences.”
Lorie S. – Math/English Tutor – Bethlehem, PA
West Virginia UniversityDrama
“I believe that all children can learn.”

Blairsville, PA

Kelley L. – Math/English Tutor – Blairsville, PA
Indiana University of PennsylvaniaElementary Education
“I believe that every child has a way that they learn best.”

Bryn Mawr, PA

Roanoke CollegePsychology
“I believe in a student-centered approach to teaching, with emphasis on meeting my students where they are.”

Charleroi, PA

California University of Pennsylvania Secondary Education
“I believe that all students are capable of learning complex material based on their individual learning needs.”

Coalport, PA

Nancy G. – Science Tutor – Coalport, PA
Indiana University of PennsylvaniaBiology; Secondary Education
“I have been an advocate of cooperative learning and having students solve problems as a team.”

Coraopolis, PA

Anna L. – English Tutor – Coraopolis, PA
Robert Morris University English Education
“Students learn differently, therefore the lessons should reflect their learning styles to help them succeed in the classroom.”
Washington and Jefferson CollegeEnglish
” I believe that it is our goal as educators to guide the voice inside of a student.”

Dillsburg, PA

Emily H. – Science Tutor – Dillsburg, PA
Kutztown University of PennsylvaniaBiology / Secondary Education
“I am a firm believer that if students are given enough foundation and have a motivating force within their lives, they can do anything they set their minds to.”

Dubois, PA

Shelley H. – Math Tutor – Dubois, PA
Indiana University of PennsylvaniaSecondary Mathematics Education, Applied Mathematics
“My educational philosophy is that students should be able to grasp information, as well as feel empowered and successful upon completion of any course or class.”

Duncansville, PA

Kelly K. – Science Tutor – Duncansville, PA
Penn State UniversityMicrobiology
“To provide a meaningful and challenging learning experience that fosters students individual strengths, and expands their academic horizons.”

East Stroudsburg, PA

Lynn H. – English Tutor – East Stroudsburg, PA
East Stroudsburg UniversityElementary Education
“Every child learns differently and has the right to an education.”

Ephrata, PA

Cori K. – English Tutor – Ephrata, PA
Franciscan University of SteubenvilleEducation
“Creativity and technology consider heavily into my teaching philosophy.”

Erie, PA

Jeremy B. – Math Tutor – Erie, PA
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics
“Students should be directed toward the answers whenever possible.”

Everett, PA

Amber P. – Math/English/ACT/SAT Tutor – Everett, PA
The University of Pittsburgh at JohnstownEarly Childhood Education
“I believe that every child has the desire and the ability to succeed in every aspect of life.”

Glenshaw, PA

Wheeling Jesuit UniversityHistory
“I believe that all children can learn.”

Grove City, PA

Vickie W. – English Tutor – Grove City, PA
Slippery Rock University of PennsylvaniaEducation, Reading
“I believe that every student will have something they are talented in and passionate about.”

Harrisburg, PA

Mary T. – Science/ACT Tutor – Harrisburg, PA
University of PittsburghSecondary Education
“I believe that every student has to the potential to succeed.”
Puja K. – Math/English Tutor – Harrisburg, PA
Penn StateStatistics &Math
“Every student learns differently so you have to be willing to try various tactics until you find what works best for the student.”

Hermitage, PA

Westminster CollegeMathematics
“I believe that a teacher should be dedicated to their students, have a strong work ethic, and be adaptable to differing situations.”

Hunker, PA

Ann L. – Science/English Tutor – Hunker, PA
Nova Southeastern UniversityEnglish
“My goal is to facilitate student learning by understanding the learning styles of my students.”