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Our online tutoring programs create a fun and encouraging learning environment where students enjoy and look forward to receiving academic instruction.

Online Tutoring

Today’s Students are Comfortable with Online Education

These days, technology is such an inherent aspect of students’ lives that the number of online classes, tutorials and educational videos on the web has grown rapidly. Online tutoring is one such educational resource students have turned to for assistance. The convenience of tutoring online and its ability to incorporate the many audio and visual features that traditional classrooms lack allows students to enrich their educational experience.

Online Learning is Statistically Better

Not only are students more comfortable with the online setting, but studies consistently show that those who engage in online learning tend to perform just as well, if not better, than their peers who are only exposed to traditional methods. In a study completed by Dr. Elaine Allen and Dr. Jeff Seamen in 2012, 77% of academic leaders “rated the learning outcomes in online education as the same or superior to those in face-to-face [settings].” Another study completed by the U.S. Department of Education supported this conclusion. They found that, on average, students who completed all or part of a course online ranked in the 59th percentile whereas students in a traditional class ranked in the 50th percentile. Students who have joined SchoolTutoring Academy can attest to the success of online tutoring services and their guaranteed results.

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Work One-on-One with an Online Tutor

SchoolTutoring Academy offers online tutoring services that help students from the elementary to high school level. We provide students with one-on-one, online tutoring sessions with a live and certified tutor who can create lessons designed around the needs of the student. Students are paired with the same tutor for every session they schedule, which helps students build a rapport with their tutor and gives the tutor an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the student. The use of webcam also makes the sessions more interactive and helps develop the classroom environment.

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Take Advantage of the Many Features of our Online Tutoring Platform

SchoolTutoring Academy incorporates a number of media components into each live, online tutoring session so that students of any learning style can succeed. Our shared whiteboard space allows for the student and our tutor to work on a math problem or essay together and see what the other is doing. Students and tutors also have the ability to upload files onto the whiteboard, which can be used to upload assignments or essays that need to be proofread. All sessions are also recorded and the whiteboard saved as a PDF file for future reference.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Students who join SchoolTutoring Academy benefit from being able to schedule sessions with their online tutor at their convenience. With many students involved in extracurricular activities and other afterschool programs, being able to work their tutoring sessions around their busy day makes tutoring online an ideal option. Students also have the ability to schedule sessions on demand; our ability to accommodate students at any time is especially crucial for students during exams. Furthermore, since students are working one-on-one with a live online tutor, lessons are designed to match the pace of the student. Students will neither feel rushed in learning new material nor feel as though their tutor is moving too slowly.

At SchoolTutoring Academy, we provide students with the best possible education at their convenience. We offer tutoring by subject type to students at all grade levels:

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