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The Importance of a Routine

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As much as everyone loves summer vacation, I think most people can agree that it is difficult to set up a routine during breaks from school or work.  However, routines are extremely important to people’s mental and physical health. Specifically, they can help alleviate anxiety and stress by allowing more time in the day to…

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Effective Research

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Have you ever had to do a research project for a class and had no idea where to start? No problem! This guide to conducting research more efficiently is for you. Narrowing Down Your Topic Depending on the topic of your research, the amount of information you can find can be overwhelming. Even a simple…

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Dealing With Test Anxiety

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Writing tests can be very stressful and sometimes cause a type of anxiety known as test anxiety. Unfortunately, test anxiety can have a negative impact on test performance, lowering a student’s grades. Even if they know the material well, it may not be demonstrated properly on a test. Any type of anxiety can be very daunting…

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Tips for Note Taking

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For anyone that attends post-secondary institution knows that there is a truck load of information that they are given to keep straight. Between attending classes and participating in extracurriculars, students make the mistake not organizing their notes effectively and efficiently.  It is extremely important for students to take excellent notes and organize them as they…

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Choosing a Major

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Choosing a major is hard! Of the countless interesting programs available, it is difficult to know which one is going to be the best fit personally. Although switching majors throughout your studies is always an option, finding satisfaction in your initial choice can help to create a positive university experience. Like any important decision, the…

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Making This School Year Your Best Year Yet

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It is that time of year again: students all across the continent are going back to school! Some students look forward to returning to the school routine, while other students dread it; in either case, it is always best to be as prepared as you can be, both mentally and physically. Here are some things…

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Research: Uses and Techniques for Students

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Why Research? It is difficult to write or present a convincing argument if adequate research to support your statement(s) has not been first completed. Using a variety of sources shows that the information being presented is accurate and therefore, is more trustworthy. Proper research can be a lot more complicated than it seems, though; there…

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Make Learning Fun for Younger Students

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As anyone who was has worked with younger students before knows it can be quite difficult to keep them interested in learning, especially if they’re having difficulty in class already. Trying to force them to stay engage will usually end up with both parties feeling frustrated and will thus, hinder progress. Below are some tips to make…

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Online Researching Tips

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Online research can be very intimidating, especially if it is not something you’ve done before. Where to start? What’s reliable? How do I source the papers, websites, articles, or journals that I use? There are plenty of questions to be asked about online research. This guide should help you find a place to start your…

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Tips to consider before making the leap from high school to university

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Going to university/ college is one of the most exciting things that a student can do, but it can also be one of the most daunting challenges that you face if you aren’t properly prepared. The average university student will face a wide variety of challenges such as making the grade, making ends meet and…

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