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Leadership and Skills Development

Effective Teamwork

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Teamwork is an aspect of everyone’s lives. At some point in time, everyone has had to work as a part of a team; in the workplace, at school, or even at home. Sometimes, teamwork can be a little stressful, but being able to work within a team is very important. A team means combining the…

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A Guide To Increase Mental Well-Being

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Happiness is an abstract concept. There is no one solid definition for happiness as it varies by person. Something that invokes great joy in one person may not have the same effect on another. Due to this diversity in happiness, psychologists, philosophers and others have different perspectives on the definition of happiness. Even though the…

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Making Friends in University

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The transition from high school to university is very tough for many. The reason for this is because we’ve already grown familiar with the small group of students in high school with friends who took the same classes as you. The transition over to a large campus with much more people makes one feel overwhelmed…

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Resiliency: The ability to rebound from the bad back to the good

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The expectations placed on students can be overwhelming at times. From homework and extracurriculars to home obligations and personal issues, students have several social, mental and physical aspects of life that they need and are expected to balance. Juggling so many factors at the same time can seem daunting and result in a setback that…

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Effective Time Management

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As a student, managing your time is very important to ensure you are successful in your courses while also being able to have time for yourself. If you are able to develop good time management habits during school years, this trait is definitely beneficial in the when you finish school and have various tasks to…

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Post Secondary Education: What Should New Students Know?

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You’ve just graduated from high school and spent months choosing and applying what post-secondary institution you want to attend. September finally rolls around and you are excited about attending a new school and meeting tons of new people. But along with your feelings of excitement for a new experience, also comes with fear and nerves.…

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Going Against the Crowd: A Guide to Living Independently

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Young children live life on a whim. They are wild and unapologetic, completely ignorant to social constraints. Concepts like acceptance and popularity are non factors since their self-image has yet to be developed. Little by little this serene existence begins to crumble as children are awakened to the harsh judgments of society. This reaches a…

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Creating & Maintaining Positivity

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Amidst the stress of life’s constant demands, it can be easy to slip into a pessimistic mindset. Eventually however, this negative attitude becomes your habitual perspective. Constant gloom is not only detrimental to your mental health, but it can be a drain on those around you as well. While you may not be able to…

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Tips to Save $$$ Money $$$

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“All the things I could do, if I had a little money” Does this Abba lyric resonate with you? Are you constantly stressed about your bank balance? Well fret no more because the following tips are sure to help any student sustain their cash flow. The best part is, with just a little planning, these…

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The Benefits of Playing Sports

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Extracurricular activities are an important and enriching experience for children to have. With such a vast array of exciting opportunities to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one(s) to enroll your child in. Most commonly, parents carefully select the programs that reflect their own youth. The hope is that they will gift…

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