Effective Time Management

Effective Time Management 398 286 Teaching Staff

As a student, managing your time is very important to ensure you are successful in your courses while also being able to have time for yourself. If you are able to develop good time management habits during school years, this trait is definitely beneficial in the when you finish school and have various tasks to complete. Here are some tips to get started on your successful journey towards your goals.

  • Get as many planners as you need

As you may know, there are a variety of planners that one can use to manage their time. Sometimes using multiple planners help visualize how your days, weeks, or months, will be spent. From personal experience I enjoy using a daily and monthly planner separately. The monthly calendar includes all my deadlines whether it’s for school or regular errands whereas my daily planner includes more specific tasks to complete for specific periods of the day. This way you can manage how much time you spend on each task. This also proves to be very efficient as you are able to sense trends in how long you work on different tasks.

  • Prioritize your tasks

Getting a planner is one thing, but the most important part is deciding which tasks are more important than others and how much time you will spend doing each task. First you have to decide what your goals are in your life. If you are in school and studying then that would be your main focus. Decide which courses you are having trouble with and assign more time towards those classes to ensure you are successful in achieving your goals. Be sure to take some time off so that your brain won’t get overworked. If you never set time for yourself to relax, you may find yourself getting distracted more easily during the time you set to complete certain tasks. In addition, don’t forget to set some time to go out and enjoy yourself to keep that balance of fun and work in life.

  • Procrastinate less

If you are a master procrastinator, this will be a difficult goal to reach but it is not impossible! As a first step, set at least one week where your goal is to finish tasks right away and reflect upon how you feel at the end of the week. You may notice that when you are more productive and always crossing things off a list, you feel more accomplished by the end of the week. This is a very good start to get out of the bad habit of procrastination. Another way to procrastinate less is to set a certain amount of tasks to finish a week and reward yourself only if you surpass that goal. By doing this repeatedly, you will develop a good habit.

Whether you complete one or all of these tips, you will definitely notice a change in your life once you maintain this habit.

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