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The Benefits of Reading to Children

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Although it is well known that reading is important, many people overlook the benefits of reading to their children.  Since they often cannot read to themselves, children rely on the adults around them to tell them the stories that they might otherwise miss.  There are many reasons to read to children, but this article will…

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Persevering Through Exam Period

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Exam season can be a very stressful time for any student. There is often a lot of pressure to do well, and since exams are usually worth a large part of your final grade, it makes them very important. While it is good to put your best effort into studying and preparing for exams, it…

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Choosing The Right Courses

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When it comes to choosing courses for school, the choices can be daunting. With so many options, it can be hard to narrow down which ones are right for you. It’s important to choose the right courses because you will be taking them for the rest of the semester. Here are some of the factors…

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Learning: There’s No Expiration Date

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  Is there anything that you’ve always been interested in and wanted to learn, but think that it’s too late? For example: learning how to ride a motorcycle, learning a new language, or picking up a new hobby like knitting. Well, it’s never too late, learning is a constant part of life. No matter what…

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The Benefits of Technology in Education

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Technology has become more and more involved in the education system. Most schools or classrooms have access to computers and incorporate their use into classroom learning.  The use of technology can make learning more convenient, and in a way that is often more exciting for students, since young students usually enjoy computers and other forms…

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The Importance of Reading

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Sometimes getting your child to sit down and read can seem like a chore, but reading is extremely important! Why is reading so important and how can you get your child to enjoy reading? Why Read? Reading is an important basic skill and is an extremely prominent part of everyday life. This can include reading…

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Types of Learners

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When it comes to learning, different people have different learning methods that work best for them. There are four main types of learning styles: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. There is often overlap between these methods, but many people tend to lean towards a certain style that works best for them. It’s also possible to…

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Effective Research

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Have you ever had to do a research project for a class and had no idea where to start? No problem! This guide to conducting research more efficiently is for you. Narrowing Down Your Topic Depending on the topic of your research, the amount of information you can find can be overwhelming. Even a simple…

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Dealing With Test Anxiety

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Writing tests can be very stressful and sometimes cause a type of anxiety known as test anxiety. Unfortunately, test anxiety can have a negative impact on test performance, lowering a student’s grades. Even if they know the material well, it may not be demonstrated properly on a test. Any type of anxiety can be very daunting…

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Managing Your Stress

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Stress is an inevitable problem as a student and can have negative impacts on both your mental and physical health. Luckily, there are ways that you can reduce the amount of stress in your life. Following these tips can help you reduce the impact of stress on your life. Make a Plan One of the…

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