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Career Development

Effective Teamwork

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Teamwork is an aspect of everyone’s lives. At some point in time, everyone has had to work as a part of a team; in the workplace, at school, or even at home. Sometimes, teamwork can be a little stressful, but being able to work within a team is very important. A team means combining the…

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Resiliency: The ability to rebound from the bad back to the good

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The expectations placed on students can be overwhelming at times. From homework and extracurriculars to home obligations and personal issues, students have several social, mental and physical aspects of life that they need and are expected to balance. Juggling so many factors at the same time can seem daunting and result in a setback that…

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Going Against the Crowd: A Guide to Living Independently

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Young children live life on a whim. They are wild and unapologetic, completely ignorant to social constraints. Concepts like acceptance and popularity are non factors since their self-image has yet to be developed. Little by little this serene existence begins to crumble as children are awakened to the harsh judgments of society. This reaches a…

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Choosing a Major

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Choosing a major is hard! Of the countless interesting programs available, it is difficult to know which one is going to be the best fit personally. Although switching majors throughout your studies is always an option, finding satisfaction in your initial choice can help to create a positive university experience. Like any important decision, the…

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Life After High School

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Graduating high school is a huge milestone! Four years of hard work and dedication will culminate to one grand celebration of accomplishment. Beyond commencement however, is an empty canvas awaiting the adventures of newly minted graduates. Once the public school journey draws to a close, students will experience a real sense of independence. For the…

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Learning a Second Language

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Introduction Learning a second language has had an immense impact on my life as a student, an employee and on the day to day interactions I have. It’s an experience and a skill that can be beneficial to any life. It’s not easy to learn a language, but it’s a culturally enriching and rewarding experience.…

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An Interest in the Arts During High School = Music to the Ears of Your Future

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Many students across North America are starting to realize that it takes more than just good grades in high school to be successful after high school. Extracurricular activities are almost necessary nowadays when it comes to being accepted into colleges, and knowing important skills and facts that school cannot necessarily teach you is essential to…

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5 Simple Steps to Improve your Confidence for Test-Taking

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It is not a far stretch to say that preparation for any test at school begins in the classroom. Any material that is covered in class could appear on a test, and the time spent with the material in class is practice for a test. There are many things you can do for yourself to…

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4 Simple Steps to Increase Your Problem Solving Mastery

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Every single subject taught in school is evaluated in one way: by having students solve problems. These problems take many different forms. In English, you may be asked to write about literary features of a book, poem, or play. In history, you may be asked to analyze a particular historical event, and its effects on…

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Are AP classes right for you?

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Advanced placement (AP) classes are high school classes which cover first year university or college curricula. These courses go in depth and cover content beyond what the average high school student would learn. There are many ways taking an AP class can benefit you. Learn What You Love AP classes are offered for various subjects…

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